George Russell uncovers that a few F1 drivers drink amid a race end of the week

George Russell uncovers that a few F1 drivers drink amid a race end of the week

Mercedes star George Russell has uncovered that a few Equation 1 drivers drink amid a race end of the week.

With F1 being one of the foremost physically requesting sports out there, drivers are often kept on an awfully strict dietary schedule.

Be that as it may, talking within the unused arrangement of the well known Netflix appear ‘Drive To Survive’, Russell revealed to McLaren’s Lando Norris that he knows a few drivers drink amid a race end of the week.

The discussion begun with Norris saying:
“Let’s go out tonight,” to which Russell answered:
“Out out?”

Norris at that point said:
“Joking, I would never do such a thing.”

Russell at that point uncovered:
“It was in my Williams contract. You weren’t permitted to drink amid the end of the week.

“I’m not reaching to say names but there’s unquestionably a few individuals who drink.”

When Norris answered:
“You think?”, Russell went:
“I know. I’ve seen it.”

Cleared out somewhat stunned by the disclosure, Norris inquired:
“During a typical race weekend?”

Russell answered:
“Yeah! They’re paying me off not to tell.”

Over the final few weeks, Russell’s Mercedes partner, Lewis Hamilton has been making the features after his move to Ferrari in 2025 was confirmed.

Talking around Mercedes’ chase for Hamilton’s substitution, Russell said:
“I’ve been with Toto a part this winter. Seeing the drivers’ names pop up on the phones was very amusing. Indeed on my phone, as well, the phone calls and content messages. So definitely it’s been very curiously.

But, as a group, we’re in an extremely great opportunity and position to go into this another chapter. There’s been so much victory with Lewis and Mercedes.”

He included:
“I think it’s imperative to have great concordance between the drivers. Since that streams down into all of the engineers and the entire group. But, eventually, the choice is with Toto and the board.”

F1 returns following end of the week with the Bahrain Amazing Prix, which can take put on 2 Walk.


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