Should the Colts trade for Jerry Jeudy, and if so, at what price?

Should the Colts trade for Jerry Jeudy, and if so, at what price?


According to rumors, the Colts are interested in buying the Broncos wide receiver.
Does that make sense?

NFL trade rumors will intensify as the October 31st trade deadline approaches.
With their apparent interest in Broncos receiver Jerry Jeudy, the Indianapolis Colts are joining those rumors before anyone else.

As with any rumor, this must be treated with caution.
When it comes to “sources,” one should exercise caution because the Colts’ roster would only contain 223 players if they acquired or signed every player mentioned in the rumors.
As the Broncos’ season ends in front of our eyes, it is reasonable to assume that Jeudy will be traded. Even the alleged savior Sean Payton is unable to seem to save this one.

Yes, it appears that Jeudy will soon be sporting a new helmet, but it is unclear which one.
The Colts are currently debating whether to “Benjamin Button” it by making him a Colt instead of a Bronco.
But there are two queries.
Steve Smith Sr.: Should the Colts be interested in him?
gave a stern warning on the broadcast last night after calling Jeudy a J.
A. G.
Previously, (just another guy).

Jeudy, the 15th overall pick in the 2020 draft, had his best season in 2022, compiling 972 yards on 67 receptions and 6 touchdowns.
Comparatively speaking, Michael Pittman Jr. With 99 receptions for 925 yards and four touchdowns,’s 2022 finished first. Pittman is off to a much better start in 2023 after both players had less than stellar quarterback play in 2022.
Count me out if the justification for buying Jeudy is that it will be more difficult to sign Pittman.

It becomes more interesting, however, if the discussion shifts to Jeudy being your number two, which I have to assume is the argument.
We would examine Alec Pierce instead of Pittman, who has struggled to find his footing in his second season and has only produced 124 yards through five games.
I’ll listen for the right price.

When players are traded for picks, the results always seem to fall short; what, then, is the right price?
Normally, I find it shocking when player X, who had incredibly impressive stats, is selected in the late rounds.
The occasional blockbuster where teams spend a fortune to sign a rare talent is rare.

I believe Jeudy goes for a fourth or fifth.
Because I’m unsure whether he is worth more than that to the Colts’ team in 2023, I would lean more toward a fifth. Yes, the Colts have exceeded expectations in some areas this season, but what does Jeudy actually do for them?

Additionally, Chris Ballard loves draft picks and places little value on the receiver position. We all know he will move back in the third or fourth round, and since he could easily recoup a fifth-round pick, maybe he decides to take the risk at that price.
Perhaps Ballard is beginning to recognize the NFL of today.
In today’s game, skilled positions are required. Yes, if the need is great enough and the price is right, Jeudy might be on his way to Indianapolis.


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  1. I would really love to see Judy on the squad next to pitman honestly I’m a big fan of Alex Pierce but he just hasn’t been having a good season and with the colts in a rebuild phase we need talented receivers that can create more opportunities for A.R and Minshew especially because with A.Rs injury Mishew will be our QB1 for the next four weeks.

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