The national media is attempting to wrangle Justin Jefferson out of Minnesota.

The national media is attempting to wrangle Justin Jefferson out of Minnesota.


The situation involving Justin Jefferson is being exploited by the mainstream media.

National talking heads appear to be focusing their attention on Justin Jefferson, another up-and-coming superstar in this state, much like they did earlier this summer when former fan favorite Patrick Beverly started a mini-firestorm about Wolves star Anthony Edwards needing to leave Minnesota.


Early this week, the Vikings placed Jefferson on injured reserve, which allowed all of the national media’s “insiders” and “analysts” to weigh in with their own assertion that Jefferson’s time in Minnesota was up.

An “unspoken issue that could potentially lengthen Justin Jefferson’s absence,” according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, is the star receiver’s unfulfilled contract option, he tweeted on Tuesday.

If the Vikings don’t win games and maintain their competitiveness, Schefter hypothesized that Jefferson won’t rush his comeback.
By saying: “Shoot, he was trying to get back in the game yesterday,” Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell already dispelled that notion on Monday.

All Schefter had to do was watch O’Connell’s press conference (or, for self-promotion, watch the cut-up press conference clips on our website under the Vikings tab above).

By Kimberly A.
Martin followed it up on Thursday by introducing Jefferson to a segment about receivers who need a change of scenery.

Justin Jefferson, I’ll say that quickly, said Martin.
“Because Kirk Cousins’ future is unknown, in addition to the fact that the current quarterback is in the final year of his contract. Justin Jefferson is still awaiting payment, despite Kirk Cousins and the quarterback situation. And he is, in my opinion, the best receiver in the NFL.
Therefore, he must leave because he has not received his money and I am unsure of the quarterback’s identity.

Look, if you’re trying to wrangle a superstar out of “fly-over country,” using his contract status is definitely something you can hang onto. If you’re going to do that, at least be aware that Jefferson still has two more seasons left on his contract and the Vikings still have the option to franchise tag him.
There was no set deadline to meet this year, despite the fact that both parties wanted something done before the season after Jefferson’s historic start to his career.
That’s going to happen probably next year.

Then comes the worst one yet.
Tweeting on Tuesday, Denny Carter of NBC Sports fantasy football stepped up, saying, “Definitely feels like Justin Jefferson has played his last game as a Viking.

Carter didn’t end there.
The fantasy football analyst chimed in with a retweet after Vikings supporters made fun of the take, writing, “Jefferson hates his QB, hates the franchise, and the season is over.
There is no justification for him to take another snap this season.

Throughout his career, Jefferson appears to have been extremely supportive of Cousins, with the exception of leaving him off his list of the top five quarterbacks this offseason.
Additionally, Jefferson has never made any mention of or implied that he is against the Vikings organization.

Carter clarified that the foundation of his argument is “body language.”.


“I genuinely don’t know how any of you can read Justin Jefferson’s in-game body language and conclude that he likes his current predicament. The guy is miserable,” Carter tweeted.

Yes, there have been times when Jefferson has appeared upset and frustrated from the sidelines, but this isn’t a repeat of Stephon Diggs’ “Truth to all rumors” phase.
It involves a highly competitive athlete who prioritizes winning over all else.
When questioned about his body language on the field, Jefferson remarked this several times.

When questioned earlier this season about cameras catching him glaring, irate at the conclusion of the Vikings’ loss to the Buccaneers, Jefferson responded, “I’m just competitive, at the end of the day.
I abhor losing.
I constantly aspire to be on the podium after a victory, toasting with my teammates.


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