Tony Romo responds to brutal broadcast criticism by comparing himself to Tiger Woods and Patrick Mahomes

Tony Romo responds to brutal broadcast criticism by comparing himself to Tiger Woods and Patrick Mahomes

The football fans across the country are gearing for another Super Bowl event. This coming Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas. Several big names are expected to present there including Tony Romo , who will work as analyst from the broadcast boost.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback retired from the sport in 2016. He would soon take up the gig as lead analyst for CBS Sports in 2017. After earning praises from the fans in the early days, he has now been constantly criticized for his broadcast. Romo has now hit back this by wildly comparing himself to Patrick Mahomes and Tiger Woods.

Mahomes is currently a two-time Super Bowl MVP and champion and is hoping to add another title to his name this coming weekend. On the other hand, Woods is considered by many as the greatest golfer to take to the greens.

It’s a normal arc of someone’s career. Honestly, I think a lot of people were rooting against [Patrick] Mahomes because he’s been there. They want to see people new… You become dominant at things and then all of a sudden people are like, ‘OK.’ Then at the end, Tiger Woods comes back and everyone roots for you. It’s just a normal arc of a career. It’s not abnormal. Tony Romo on his criticism as per Awful Announcing.

Tiger Woods to unveil new clothing line ahead of 2024 Genesis Invitational

A major story in golf this year has been the split of Tiger Woods from Nike. The two were in partnership for over 27-years but decided to go their separate ways. Since then fans had been wondering what is next in store for the 15-time major champion.

It now seems Woods has found his new sponsor. As per reports from Business of Fashion, the golf great is expected to hold a media event on February 12 and unveil his new clothing line. However, there is no mention of any brand, leaving the fans to speculate about it once again.

It now remains to be seen which brand will actually get their hands on Woods. He has been heavily linked with TaylorMade. This talks grew further when the company got filed for the trademark of “Sunday Red” a phrase used many times to describe Woods on the final day of golf event as he has achieved a lot of success on that day while wearing that color.

Speaking on Woods, he has not appeared in any events in the new year. However, he is heavily projected to be at THE PLAYERS Championship in March and then make a return at the Augusta National to take part in The Masters.

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