Shedeur Sanders Girlfriend, Angel Reese Channels Coach Prime’s Staunch Words in an Attempt to Fight Haters: “You can’t break me”

Angel Reese has decided to stand by the words of Coach Prime when dealing with haters. Deion Sanders is one of the most inspirational figures in American sports and has an iconic stature in the current NCAA run. Despite being a coach, Sanders is also a great spiritual guide for players. Angel Reese is not the only athlete to advocate for his words. Though it is unclear how close she is to the coach. There were rumors in the past that Reese had a romantic relationship with his son, Shedur Sanders.



The fact that Reese is closely aligned with Sanders becomes evident, given her rumored affair. She recently ended the rumor after the confession of her relationship with her boyfriend. But the negative reception and hostility she continues to face remain unchanged. Hence, Reese decided to follow Deion Sanders’ approach to dealing with haters.




Angel Reese has cemented her spot in the NCAA world after winning the title with LSU. However, because of her outspoken personality, the LSU star received a lot of criticism. She was subjected to harsh criticism when she made John Cena’s invisible move. Sometimes it’s unclear why Angel Reese is experiencing so much hatred, but she resolves to fight back.



Angel Reese’s Instagram story featured a special message for her detractors, referencing the Deion Sanders’ statement. She captioned a video of Coach Prime, “You ain’t made me, so you can’t break me.” It is evident that Reese is completely unconcerned about the opinions of her detractors.




She also commented,” I don’t play or do things for others’ opinions; I already feel good about myself, so opinions have never mattered to me.” This statement emphasizes her carefree attitude toward her detractors. And she is on the correct road by not paying attention to the criticism surrounding her.



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What did Reese do to receive so much hate?



Reese, as painful as it is to accept, is subjected to the same double standards of criticism and scrutiny as every other black athlete. Even Stephen A. Smith recognized that the criticism leveled at Reese was racist. Though trash-talking is widespread in athletics, Angel Reese is frequently mocked for it. But Caitlin Clark is lauded when she does it.




The stock-ish comments on Reese’s photos attest to this. Angel Reese, on the other hand, is unstoppable by those stupid demeanors as she works hard to win another championship in her final NCAA run.

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