Colts plan to build Shaquille Leonard’s snap counts for full workload in November

The Colts plan to increase Shaquille Leonard’s snap count to his full workload in November

According to defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, the Indianapolis Colts are still managing starting quarterback Shaquille Leonard’s snap count with hopes of fully increasing his numbers in November (via Nate Atkins of IndyStar):

Leonard played just 37 of 82 defensive snaps (45.1%) this past Sunday, while fellow quarterbacks Zaire Franklin and E.J. Speed ​​played 75 and 45 total tackles, respectively (even Segun Olubi played 7 tackles in relief of Leonard).

Now, this is not a very comfortable conversation about Leonard.

When fully healthy, Leonard is undoubtedly one of the best running backs in all of football and arguably in Colts franchise history, as a former 4x NFL All-Pro in four his first season.

However, after undergoing back-to-back surgeries over several years, the question remains whether “The Maniac” will return to this vibrant form due to possible lingering neurological problems.

Despite the $19.8 million cap hit this season, Leonard has been limited to a two-time situational cornerback so far and has often been replaced by clear forward/nickel packages clear. It no longer moves as well as it used to and has been replaced as a result.

Currently, Leonard is just PFF’s 57th ranked defender with an overall grade of +53.0, including a coverage grade of +52.3. He never posted an overall grade lower than 70.0 in his first four seasons in the league.

No one should write Leonard off yet, and he deserves the benefit of the doubt and a little grace, thanks to his continued recovery – but at a certain point, that liminal space becomes should matter, as well as his diminishing production/playmaking ability and the Colts may have a tough decision to make

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