RIP💔: Colorado Buffaloes Head Coach Deion Sanders Reportedly Found Dead in Locker Room early hours of Today

BOULDER, COLORADO - DECEMBER 06: University of Colorado Head Football Coach Deion Sanders at the 2023 Sport Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year Award at the CU Events Center December 06, 2023 in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo by Tom Cooper/Getty Images for Prime Video)

As conference realignment chaos continues to bubble, specifically as the Pac-12 tries to solidify its future, FSU is putting forth its conditions for staying in the ACC.

“We currently, as you all know, face a very difficult situation,” Florida State University president Richard McCullough said on Wednesday during a board of trustees meeting. “We are seeing large media deals made with places like the Big Ten and SEC, creating what may be an exaggeration, but is an existential crisis for Florida State.”

“We are not satisfied with our current situation — we love the ACC, our partners at ESPN. Our goal would be staying in the ACC, but staying in the current situation is hard for us to figure out how we remain competitive unless there was a major change in the revenue distribution within the ACC itself.”

“We are one of the best media-valued teams in the United States. We, along with Clemson and others carry the value of the ACC — no offense to my colleagues, that’s just the number.”

“Without increasing revenue, we will face major challenges in being able to compete in football. The landscape is changing dramatically — NIL, coaching salaries, attractive facilities.”

“FSU helps to drive value and will drive value for any partner, but we have spent a year trying to understand how we might fix the issue. There are no easy fixes to this challenge, but a group of us have spent literally a year. We’ve explored every possible option that you can imagine. The issue at hand is what can we do to allow ourselves to be competitive in football and get what I think is the revenue we deserve?”

“My current assessment of the situation after very deep analysis is that I believe FSU will have to at some point consider leaving the ACC unless there was a radical change to the revenue distribution.”

Other board of trustees members were much more targeted in their words, with former Florida State quarterback Drew Weatherford asking the rhetorical question: “Do we want to play games moving forward, or do we want to compete?”

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