Ex-Dolphins WR Sends Strong Message to Miami Organization Upon Retiring

Ex-Dolphins WR Sends Strong Message to Miami Organization Upon Retiring

Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Albert Wilson decided to officially retire from the NFL on the evening of May 10.

“Growing up, I can say my journey was one of a kind, both on and off the field,” Wilson voiced on Instagram. “Not wanting to be the winner and not wanting to prove I’m better, but strictly wanting to be put in a position to help my family do better.”

He concluded that post by writing: “Draft pick #000 BUT 8 years to my name baby. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE! #StillFroze – AWII OUT ✌🏽❤️.”

Later, in a second Instagram message, he addressed the Dolphins franchise.

“To the Miami Dolphins Organization, I want to thank you for changing my family’s life forever and giving me the opportunity to come play in my home state in front of family, friends and the youth in my community,” Wilson said. “This provided me a chance to be a leader in front of my community and a light to shine at dark times we all suffered.”

The wideout also spoke to his coaches and teammates within this post, stating: “To all my coaches and teammates throughout the years, I gained unforgettable bonds and everlasting friendships. Thank you guys for helping me become the man/athlete I am today.”

Dolphins Awarded Albert Wilson With 3-Year Contract

After beginning his career as an undrafted prospect with the Kansas City Chiefs, Wilson signed a three-year deal with the Dolphins that paid out $14.5 million ($14.45 million of which was guaranteed).

He later renegotiated the contract and earned another $3.07 million, closing out his Miami tenure in 2021 after opting out of the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clearly, based on his words, Wilson really appreciated the Dolphins organization for providing himself and his family with long-term financial stability.

As for Wilson’s contribution in Miami, the former UDFA accumulated just under 1,000 receiving yards and five touchdowns over 34 appearances and three seasons of action. He also threw for 72 yards — which included a 52-yard touchdown trick play — and rushed for another 78.

Albert Wilson Thought Hip Fracture Might End His Career in 2018

Part of Wilson’s retirement post opened up about his hip fracture, which he suffered during his first year in Miami.

“BEFORE I GET OUTTA HERE, I want to thank God for blessing me with such a great journey,” Wilson voiced. “I know all things are possible because of you and nothing would be possible without you.”

“After not getting drafted, I told myself all I wanted was 3 years,” he continued, “when I got to 3 you told me I could do 5, and when I got to 5 and fractured my hip, I thought 5 was the end of my journey, which exceeded my expectations, but no, you told me keep my head down and keep grinding it out & blessed me with 3 more.”

Wilson ended this paragraph by proclaiming: “THANK YOU LORD!!”

The former Dolphin finished the 2018 campaign with seven appearances, but he was able to bounce back with another 13 in 2019. He closed out his Fins career with another 14 in 2021.

“10 years ago to this day I started a journey I didn’t see coming,” Wilson noted in his post. “May 10th, 2014, I was blessed enough to get that shot.” And as he stated in the Chiefs section of his announcement, all he needed was one shot.

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