Luke Littler told to ‘f*** off’ by darts legend Raymond van Barneveld for awkward snub

The Dutchman is among Littler’s biggest inspirations, with footage of the Runcorn-born star pretending to be Van Barneveld having gone viral on social media in December ahead of their encounter at the World Championships.


That night Littler won 4-1 in an emphatic performance that saw a staggering 105 average and nine 180s.




Following the game, the pair were hugely complimentary of one another, but their relationship appears to have subsequently gone sour.


Speaking to Dutch outlet Sportnieuws, Van Barneveld opened up on his frustrations towards the 17-year-old.


He said: “So that’s the weird thing about it. I understood then that I am his example. That at the World Championship you don’t chat I can understand, but other tournaments…



“The other day I walked up to him to shake his hand. Then he took out his earplug for a moment and only said the most necessary thing.”


Van Barneveld went on to send him a text message.


He continued: “To that he responded: yes, I only respond to text messages. Whatsapp I’m actually not on.



“Well fine, I sent a text message: congratulations with Wieze. And then nothing. Fine. Then I’m also a bit done with it. The next time I get asked if I want to do something for him, I’ll pass.





“I understand that you get thousands of text messages but of course, I’m not just anyone.


“If I’ve been your inspiration for years, I also expect a text message back.”


While chucking, Van Barneveld added: “Dude’s on his phone all day, f*** off.”


Despite his frustration towards Littler, however, Van Barneveld admitted that he remained impressed by the teenager.




He admitted: “This guy is so brilliantly good. He doesn’t worry about anything. He’s playing at seventeen like he’s been doing this for years.”


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