Bills Predicted to Sign Former Chiefs ‘Dynamic’ 1st-Round RB

Charges Anticipated to Sign Previous Bosses ‘Dynamic’ first Round RB To try to win three Super Bowls, the Kansas City Chiefs are retaining as many key players as possible. Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s re-signing by the Chiefs seems highly unlikely. Drafted in the primary round of the 2020 NFL draft, Edwards-Helaire has neglected to satisfy those grandiose assumptions. With Kansas City declining his fifth-year choice and setting Isiah Pacheco as their No. 1 back, the issue at hand was at that point obvious to everyone. While Edwards-Helaire is generally viewed as a bust, ESPN insider Bill Barnwell accepts the 24-year-old’s profession could see a resurgence with the Bison Bills. He named the Bosses’ AFC rival as the “best fit” for the fumbling veteran.

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