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After splitting from Nike less than a month ago, golfer Tiger Woods has announced his new brand Sun Day Red. The fresh brand comes with a new logo design that’s sleek and sophisticated, marking a new era in Woods’ illustrious career. With passion as the catalyst of its design, the brand is set to be an exciting new chapter for Woods, with legacy and heart at its core.


While the iconic Nike x Tiger Woods ads remain a staple in sports advertising, Woods’ new brand announcement is a shift into a new era of independent storytelling. According to the brand’s website, Woods’ new venture “promises to bring a new and elevated standard to performance wear and luxury lifestyle fashion.”




Sun Day Red’s logo features a tiger springing into action adorned with fifteen stripes. The clever design represents each of Woods’ fifteen major titles, however, Woods has confirmed that the logo could be subject to change if that number should increase. The brand name is a reference to Woods’ iconic Sunday reds, however, the choice to split the phrase into “Sun Day Red” gestures to the brand’s power through the rule of threes. Splitting the word into “Sun Day” marks the brand’s wider appeal as a lifestyle brand, not limiting it to a singular



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