Tiger Woods release Aggressive Statement few hours after he gave his verdict on Anthony Kim as cult hero to end 12-year hiatus with LIV Golf

Anthony Kim will play his first professional tournament as a wildcard at this week’s LIV Golf event in Saudi Arabia.

Anthony Kim’s long-awaited return to professional golf at LIV Golf’s event in Saudi Arabia this week has got fans excited – and Tiger Woods may also give his seal of approval.


It’s been 12 years since Kim abruptly left the PGA Tour in mysterious circumstances after several injury issues and he’s been paid by an insurance company ever since not to play.


His sudden early retirement at the time was seen as a huge blow to professional golf with Kim originally likened to Woods in the early stages of his career.


Kim has developed into a cult hero among a subsection of golf fans over the past decade who have grown increasingly curious on where his current level is at.




They’ll get their wish this week with Kim now signing up to LIV Golf as a wildcard.



And the first few clips of Kim’s swing on the range at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club indicates he’s stuck to what worked for him all those years ago.


Kim was one of just a few pro golfers who gripped further down on the golf club to gain more control.


And it was something that Woods, speaking back in 2008, praised Kim for doing and felt the unusual style would benefit more golfers.




“He’s the only player I’ve ever seen that actually plays pretty much the entire bag choked up,” Woods said.





“It does provide a lot of control; you don’t hit the ball as far offline. You hit the ball very straight that way.


“It’s amazing that a lot of amateurs don’t try and do that.


“They like to grip the club like in baseball, with the pinky off the club because some pros have taught them that if you grip the very end of the club, you get more whip at the bottom.”




Woods’ comments came during a now infamous golf clinic he did alongside Kim at Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles.


Both players were sponsored by Nike at the time and a lucky few were in attendance to watch them give advice and answer questions.



One spectator asked Woods whether he moved the ball in his stance for different clubs, to which he explained why there was a difference for his driver and his wedges.


But Kim had a different response entirely as he gave an insight into how his mind works on the golf course.



“I was hoping nobody was gonna ask me,” he said.


“It’s different every day. It really is. That’s not a joke. Sometimes if the ball’s going too low it goes further up in my stance.


“If it’s going too high it goes further back in my stance. And obviously that way [Tiger’s way] — it’s not a bad way, you’re hearing it from a guy who’s won more than 10 majors.





“Obviously I’ve been taught from my dad, my dad got a lot of inspiration from Tiger’s father to learn how to play the game the right way and learn the fundamentals first.


“But I’ve just felt like, if I stick to one thing, it’s hard for me when I’m not playing well to get out of that funk.


“So I just try to mix it up every day, have a little fun with it, try to hit a little cut today, and as long as the ball’s not going

left for me, I really don’t care what the ball’s doing.”


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