Lewis Hamilton heading to Ferrari may be a hoot. It could be a desperately-needed shot within the arm to a Equation 1 driver showcase that had totally flatlined, and to F1 as a entire amid a general need of championship interest that numerous naturally fear will amplify to 2024.

It may be a fabulous show of control and pull from Ferrari, which has overseen (with a little help from Mercedes) to break up an famous driver/team combo that appeared indivisible.

It may be a brilliantly sentimental bend within the story for Hamilton, who remains an first class entertainer about two decades into his F1 career and merits the opportunity to type in a career addendum in amazing colours he had envisioned of wearing.

A parcel of you, having as of now seen the feature, will have immediately recognised what I’m doing there, in what I call ‘The Coward’s Intro’ – a arrangement of pleasing, widely-accepted, positive explanations to undertake to assist the impending heresy go down a bit simpler, to undertake to mean that the author isn’t crazy or purposely composing in awful confidence to incite anger-based engagement.

That truly isn’t the target. And I think none of the above points are especially up for discussion. Lewis Hamilton’s moment big move is a net positive for F1, and it ought to be a net positive for Ferrari.

But I unequivocally accept not the outright no-brainer slam-dunk it may show up – since of the driver Ferrari is discarding.

There is a extend of potential results where putting Hamilton in nearby Leclerc at Ferrari rather than Sainz doesn’t make that big a distinction on-track, at slightest not compared to the tremendous promoting win it without a doubt will be for Ferrari and F1.

And the contention for this can be two-fold. The real comparison between Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz as they are right presently is fair one side of the coin.

Of course, there’s no comparing Hamilton and Sainz in terms of add up to career F1 yield. Sainz would got to some way or another win something like 60-70% of all the F1 races he challenges from this point on some time recently age catches up with him to coordinate Hamilton’s bequest. It’s not happening.

But that’s not truly important. Ferrari isn’t marking the 2008 Hamilton or the 2017 Hamilton, no more than it is discharging the less convincing 2018 Renault form of Sainz or, like, the 1994 newborn Sainz.

What things is who they are at the minute of Ferrari committing to the choice.

Hamilton wrapped up four places and 34 focuses ahead of Sainz in 2023, in a Mercedes that was probably more or less comparable to Sainz’s Ferrari in terms of its normal power for the season.

In our by and large positioning of F1 drivers in 2023, Hamilton positioned fifth, and Sainz was two places lower.

On the entirety, indeed in the event that you take as it were the seasons since Sainz joined Ferrari and since Hamilton final won the drivers’ championship, Hamilton has been the more grounded entertainer.

But… it’s not precisely a chasm, right?

We can’t compare them head to head, as they haven’t driven the same car, so it’s a circumstance where their individual team-mates – George Russell and Charles Leclerc – come into play.

Championship focuses are a boisterous metric of restricted utilize, but they do at slightest in a way envelop all sides of performance, so permit for a essential diagram over a conventional test estimate (given how large F1 calendars have become).

In their time at Mercedes together, Hamilton has so distant outscored Russell by 24 focuses – 0.55 focuses per circular.

At Ferrari, Leclerc has amassed 62.5 focuses more than Sainz – 0.95 focuses more per circular.

In both cases, it’s a unmistakable crevice. In both cases, it’s not precisely a huge one.

And the agreement see is likely that Leclerc is harder resistance than Russell still at this point – slightly higher-rated, marginally more experienced, with a notoriety for the kind of single-lap mastery that indeed F1’s current maestro Max Verstappen perhaps doesn’t have.

Ferrari clearly accepts sufficient in Leclerc to keep bolstering him multi-year expansions. It’s went through the last half-decade giving the impression it’s building its future around Leclerc. And tossing in a driver of Hamilton’s stature and profile feels counter to that – another side reason why it’s a riskier and more possibly troublesome move than it may appear at to begin with look.

Meanwhile, Sainz, over what is presently a exceptionally solid test estimate, has proven a driver who’s half a step behind Leclerc at most noticeably awful.

Sainz has been beaten on single-lap pace, but not dominated in the same way as Leclerc’s past team-mates (Marcus Ericsson and Hamilton’s at some point arch-rival Sebastian Vettel). Indeed in that late-2023 spell in which Leclerc was at his most comfortable with the Ferrari, Sainz was on normal within two tenths of a moment – and for most of their time together he has been closer than that.

There has been no deficiency of later F1 ends of the week in which Leclerc was putting on a qualifying clinic but Sainz was taking after him near segment-by-segment. And there have been articulated extends in which Sainz was fair level out superior, most outstandingly in mid-2023, when Leclerc was restricted by an understeering-by-necessity car.

This is a adhere Sainz is clearly frequently beaten with – that with Ferrari he’s been at his best when it’s mattered the slightest. The more regrettable the car, the way better he’s been relative to Leclerc.

On the off chance that we avoid the not-even-worth-contemplating-but-you-do-you conspiracy theory that the clearly infinitely powerful Sainz campaign has been intentionally getting Ferrari to decrease its cars’ execution ceiling so that Sainz seem fair get one over Leclerc, it is still undeniable that there is something of a trend over the three years of Sainz exceeding expectations amid Ferrari’s lower ebbs.

But it’s not like Sainz hasn’t won grands prix and taken posts in Ferraris that looked truly competent of winning grands prix and taking posts, and it’s certainly not just like the end-of-2023 car that Leclerc was extracting more out of was a Ruddy Bull-beater as of now. Their particular notorieties and skillsets aren’t as basic as they’re often depicted.



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