What the current F1 drivers make of Hamilton’s shock Ferrari switch

What the current F1 drivers make of Hamilton’s stun Ferrari switch

Taking after the stun declaration that Lewis Hamilton will connect Ferrari in 2025, listen from the current network of drivers and their contemplations with respect to the move.

The build-up to Equation 1’s unused season has been ruled by the news that Lewis Hamilton will leave Mercedes and join Ferrari in 2025.

It has been named as one of the greatest driver exchanges in F1 history with Hamilton selecting to group up with Charles Leclerc for a unused challenge.

Numerous ex-Formula 1 drivers and intellectuals have weighed in on the circumstance and given their contemplations – but what does the current network think?

For a few of the drivers, they communicated shock at the news. In spite of the fact that he would have known the news earlier to the declaration, active Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz conceded he was taken aback when he was educated of the deicion by the group.

“It was a bit of a shock – like to everybody within the F1 world – with the news,” said Sainz. “Everyone was astounded in a way with what happened and from my side, I need to know the news a bit prior than everybody else.”

Alexander Albon, who is being recorded as a potential substitution for Hamilton, was too astounded by the news.

“It fair appears you how enormous Lewis is, seeing the stock of Ferrari going up as much because it did and fair seeing the common recognition of the news,” he said.

“Definitely, to me, it was one of them pinch-yourself minutes – ‘is this a genuine story?’ It reminds me of the [Lionel] Messi Miami exchange on such a colossal scale, and fair appears you the craving for Equation 1.”

Williams team-mate Logan Sargeant included:
“I was shocked, I was stunned. It appears Lewis can go wherever he needs. In case that’s what he feels like will truly motivate him to keep progressing and eventually attempt to win another World Championship, you’ve got to respect and get it the decision.”

Zhou Guanyu, who offers a administration figure with Hamilton in Marc Hynes, expressed he was within the know earlier to the declaration – but was still shocked by the news.

“I know Marc, which is his [Hamilton’s] kind of administration along with me. I content him some time recently it, so I knew he was marking, it was a reality. I didn’t tell anybody. I was still truly stunned by the news.”

Whereas some drivers communicated shock, others were less moved by the news.

“Clearly, he’s been a long time with Mercedes, but I was mindful of a few talks with Ferrari,” Alpine’s Pierre Gasly claimed. “Ultimately, he’s towards the conclusion of his career. So it was either presently or never. I think it was kept mystery for very a long time. I fair wish him the best.”

Gasly’s team-mate Esteban Ocon was expecting a frenzied season of driver exchanges, he wasn’t anticipating it to kick into equip as early because it has.

“I knew it was going be a insane season for sure. I didn’t think it was progressing to begin early in January. But it’s aiming to be all year like that.”

Whereas Daniel Ricciardo was astounded by the timing of the choice, he voiced that he gets it Hamilton’s choice.

“The timing was a bit more of a astonish to do it one year in development. But the choice, I completely see why,” Ricciardo said.

“He’s went through so long with Mercedes and there’s the devotion which is splendid. But moreover, 10 a long time, that’s a long spell. So I think it’s time for him to try something else.”

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