Red Bull design change leaked? RB20 breaks cover at secret shakedown

Ruddy Bull plan alter spilled? RB20 breaks cover at mystery squeeze

Max Verstappen (NLD) Ruddy Bull Dashing RB19. Equation 1 World Championship,…

Ruddy Bull’s 2024 F1 car has been spotted in open for the primary time amid a squeeze at Silverstone.

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen completed the primary miles within the RB20 on Tuesday morning at a damp Silverstone, with teammate Sergio Perez set to induce a run within the evening.

Ruddy Bull will gotten to be the ultimate group to authoritatively display their 2024 F1 car amid a dispatch occasion on Thursday at their Milton Keynes central command.

The RB20 has as of now been imagined and shot by spectators at Silverstone, in spite of the open not being welcome to attend. has had it affirmed that it is the RB20 being run at the British Fantastic Prix venue.

Verstappen claimed the modern RB20 will “look precisely the same as final year’s Ruddy Bull”, but there was at slightest one recognizable contrast from the film captured at Silverstone.

Still images from the video film shows up to appear the RB20 highlighting a modern plan on the upper bodywork that takes after the bulbous motor cover received by Mercedes with final year’s W14.

Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 W14. Equation 1 World Championship, Rd…

Unless clearer pictures develop, we are going likely have to hold up until Thursday’s dispatch to see the better details of the RB20 plan.

Ruddy Bull are utilizing Tuesday’s squeeze as one of their two permitted limited time days in which the RB20 can be driven a greatest of 200 kilometers.

De Telegraaf reports that Ruddy Bull group foremost Christian Horner is at Silverstone on Tuesday in the midst of an progressing examination into charged unseemly conduct.

Concurring to the Dutch distribution, Horner, who was allegedly flame broiled for up to eight hours on Friday by an autonomous attorney, too plans to go to Ruddy Bull’s season dispatch occasion on Thursday.

Pre-season testing gets underway in Bahrain another week, some time recently the opening terrific prix on Walk 2.

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