Braves fans loving every minute as another Mets exec gets sucked into dumpster fire

Braves fans adoring each miniature as another Mets exec gets sucked into dumpster fire

Usually your neighborly update that the Mets are a clown establishment and Braves fans completely cherish it.

Modern York Mets Present Justin Verlander / Wealthy Schultz/GettyImages

In case there’s one thing that all Atlanta Braves fans can concur on, it is that it may be a hell of a lot of fun observing the Mets implode. After the Mets went through hundreds of millions of dollars attempting to chase down the Braves within the National Association East, their collapse in 2023 was a locate to observe and Atlanta fans altogether delighted in drinking Mets’ fans tears.

Unfortunately, the Mets appeared to tidy up from the experience. Billy Eppler resigned as their common chief and the group brought in David Stearns who tragically really features a brain in his head. Their moves to retool their program and cultivate framework have to a great extent been lovely great and whereas the Mets still aren’t great, they do appear to have a few great things coming particularly with the backing of Steve Cohen.

Fortunately, the Mets’ dumpster fire gave Braves fans one final blessing nowadays because it was reported that their previous GM Billy Eppler was found by MLB to have controlled the utilize of the harmed list and was promptly made ineligible for the 2024 season.

Previous Mets GM Billy Eppler announced ineligible for 2024 due to rules infringement

Eppler’s teach is the cherry on beat of what was a truly spectacular failure whereas heading the Mets’ front office. After a determinedly underwhelming stretch as the Blessed messengers common manager where he fizzled to induce the group to the playoffs in spite of having both Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, the Mets contracted him some time recently the 2022 season. Modern York had a decent run in 2022, but still couldn’t oust the Braves within the NL East and were instantly bounced within the wild card circular.

The most excellent portion of all of this is that Eppler exceptionally clearly cheated in exceptionally self-evident ways and it wasn’t about sufficient. Each official fudges wounds from time to time, but Eppler was so terrible at it that the association basically had to rebuff him given how brazen he was in overseeing the Mets’ program. In spite of breaking the rules over and over, the Braves still remained NL East division champs and the Mets got to ponder what might have been.


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