Christian Horner: Hearing into Red Bull team boss ends without resolution

Christian Horner:
Hearing into Ruddy Bull group boss closes without determination

Christian Horner has been Ruddy Bull group foremost since they to begin with begun on the F1 network in 2005

A hearing into charges of improper and controlling behaviour against Christian Horner has wrapped up without determination.

The Ruddy Bull group boss was tested on Friday by a attorney for a few hours on charges that relate to his conduct towards a female worker.

A representative for Ruddy Bull said:
“It would not be fitting to comment some time recently the examination is completed.”

Horner has denied the claims to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, external.

It is hazy whether the matter will be settled some time recently Ruddy Bull’s 2024 dispatch at their Milton Keynes plant on 15 February, where their modern car is set to be disclosed.

Ruddy Bull are still arranging for the occasion to go ahead.

The examination into Horner may take weeks, and there are indeed questions as to whether it’ll be completed in time for the begin of the season.

Pre-season testing takes put in Bahrain from 21-23 February. The primary race of the season, moreover within the Inlet state, is on 1-3 Walk.

The company said in a explanation prior this week that it was taking the circumstance “greatly genuinely”.

The Horner address will definitely dominate Ruddy Bull’s dispatch. Indeed in case Horner is there, he is improbable to be able to able to reply questions approximately it, but it’ll be a center of consideration in enquiries towards him and drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

The contention is taking put against a scenery of reports of parts and pressure inside Ruddy Bull, among them claims that motorsport counsel Helmut Marko and Jos Verstappen, the father of Ruddy Bull’s three-time world winner Max, have taken against Horner.

Ruddy Bull, Marko and Verstappen have so distant been quiet on all such things.

In spite of the disturbance, Verstappen and Ruddy Bull will start the season as hot top choices to win a fourth sequential world championship.

The Dutchman, 26, ruled final season, winning 19 of the 22 races among a string other records. Mexican Perez won two of the remaining three races as Ruddy Bull finished to begin with and moment within the drivers’ championship for the primary time in their history.

Their acclaimed chief specialized officer Adrian Newey has said the unused car, the RB20, will be an advancement of its ultra-successful forerunner.

Most in F1 anticipate it to remain the fastest car on the network; the most address heading into the season is whether any of the team’s fundamental rivals – Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin – can near in sufficient to create the season competitive.


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