Suspended NFL player Isaiah Rodgers Sr. says bets were made for other

Suspended NFL player Isaiah Rodgers Sr. says wagers were made for others

Thursday, February 1, 2024 10:

TAMPA, Fla. — Former Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers Sr., in his to begin with meet since being suspended by the NFL for wagering on his possess group, says that whereas wagers were made from his account, they were made for others and not himself.

Rodgers said the bets, counting a few littler ones and a $1,000 prop wagered, were put from his online sports betting account. He said they were made for individuals who lived in Florida, where online sports wagering at that time remained unlawful.

“Fair attempting to offer assistance companions and family out, fair knowing that it wasn’t lawful at the time in Florida and it was in Indiana,” Rodgers told ESPN.

Rodgers, citing legitimate reasons, declined to distinguish the people that he says he set wagers for.

“At the conclusion of the day I knew the rules, I wasn’t assumed to do it and I need to take what comes with it,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers was suspended on June 29 for damaging the NFL’s betting approach. That same day, he was postponed by the Colts.

As portion of an ESPN “Exterior the Lines” see at sports wagering, Rodgers talked approximately the bets, the suspension and how he’s been managing with his season-long nonappearance from the amusement.

In suspending Rodgers, NFL examiners decided that he had committed numerous offenses. He’d put wagers at the Colts’ office. Indeed more regrettable, he’d wagered on his possess group — something that beneath association rules at the time implied a one-year suspension.

Since at that point, the punishment for a player wagering on his possess group was expanded to a two-year suspension.

At the time of his suspension, ESPN detailed that Rodgers had put more than 100 wagers — counting on Colts recreations — and most were within the $25 to $50 extend. One bet, in specific, stood out:
a $1,000 prop wagered on the over/under on surging yards by Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, which Rodgers won.

“That report is true, with it being $1,000, but that report wasn’t made from my gadget,” Rodgers told ESPN. “The $25 to $50 wagers are precisely genuine, but it was more crazy-leg parlays with fair $25 attempting to make a insane sum. Fair amusing wagers. Nothing as well genuine. It was never, ‘This bet here is reaching to alter my life.'”

Rodgers was inquired why he would jeopardize the $850,000 compensation he was set to win amid the 2023-24 season.

“I addressed myself, as well,” Rodgers told ESPN. “But I thought I likely wouldn’t get caught, wouldn’t get in inconvenience.”

Rodgers was shopping with his family close his Tampa-area domestic when Colts common chief Chris Ballard called to say that he had been postponed.

“It’s a call that you just never truly need, knowing that a team that made your dreams come genuine is presently the group letting you go,” Rodgers said. “It was a deplorable minute at the time since I was actually with my family within the store and I had to break that news to them when I got within the car.”

Ballard issued a articulation at the time, saying “the judgment of the amusement is of the most extreme significance” which the Colts would “proceed to teach our players, coaches and staff on the approaches in put and the critical consequences that may happen with infringement.”

Rodgers, in an statement of regret on his social media accounts, claimed up to his transgressions, composing that he took “full obligation” which he “let individuals down that I care approximately.”

He said he had known for months that the suspension was coming — to begin with hearing from his specialist in late February or early Walk that he was beneath examination by the NFL — but he kept the news to himself. His mother, Kelly O’Neal, said she found out approximately the suspension in June from a report that aired on ESPN.

“I saw it coming over the foot of the screen,” O’Neal said. “My to begin with thought was, ‘Was he OK?’ His future was so shinning for him with the Colts, it was right there, and after that boom.”

The NFL educates its players each year in bunch ways approximately the rules encompassing sports wagering. Players are forbidden from wagering on NFL recreations, not permitted to visit sportsbooks during the season and not permitted to put wagers of any kind whereas at a group office or scene. There are instructive recordings sent to clubs and in-person sessions to familiarize players with the alliance arrangement. No player can claim obliviousness of the rules.

“It’s our responsibility to share as much instruction as ready to with as numerous individuals as able to so that there’s no perplexity as to what the rules are,” said Jeff Mill operator, the NFL’s official bad habit president of communications.

Rodgers said he’d never gambled some time recently the five-to-six-month period amid which he says he set more than 100 wagers for others which , in numerous ways, the suspension has been “a favoring.”

He’s been able to appreciate Sundays as a “normal” football fan, gathering around multiple screens at his domestic to observe NFL recreations with friends and family. He said he’s been able to spend more time with his two 1-year-old children — girl Maliyah and child Isaiah Jr.

“That’s aiming to be the hardest portion, particularly with my child, with him having my correct same title,” Rodgers said. “He might fair Google his title for fun like I utilized to do as a kid and knowing what I’ve been through, the cynicism that comes with me will pop up beneath his title.”

Rodgers moreover said he gets it the unavoidable questions that will emerge when individuals consider the reasons behind his suspension — like whether he ever modified the outcome of a amusement since of a bet.

“I examined as well difficult and as well long and worked as well difficult to indeed get to this position to go out there and say, ‘I’m planning to make this fellow capture the ball and score a landing on me fair for $25, $50 bets.’ Nah, that’s not indeed the sort of individual I am.”

In Admirable, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Rodgers and set him on the reserve/suspended list. He won’t be qualified to apply for reestablishment by the association until after the Super Bowl.

Overcoming skeptics and difficulty has been central to Rodgers’ life and football journey. In June 2013, his father, Craig Devon Rodgers, was shot and slaughtered by a criminologist with the Bradenton, Florida, police division during a encounter taking after a residential debate and affirmed seizing.

Rodgers cleared out tall school in 2016 weighing fair 140 pounds, but he got to be a starter at cornerback amid his first year recruit season at the College of Massachusetts.

He weighed fair 170 pounds when the Colts chosen him with the 211th choose within the 2020 NFL draft. His speed as a corner and kick returner — Rodgers ran a 4.28 40-yard sprint at his master day — led the Colts to require a flier on him.

“I feel like losing my father in 2013 made a difference me be the individual I am to date,” Rodgers said. “I feel like I’ve been through the most noticeably awful of the most exceedingly bad.”

“Something like this [the betting suspension], in the event that this happened to someone else, they likely would go crazy. But knowing that I as of now been through the most noticeably awful, truly nothing can break me once more.”



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