Courageous’ Formula 1 driver now ‘very unlikely’ to ever drive for Ferrari

Courageous’ Equation 1 driver presently ‘very unlikely’ to ever drive for Ferrari

The chances of Lewis Hamilton ever driving for Ferrari within the future show up to have blurred after Charles Leclerc marked his modern contract.

Talking on the Unlapped Podcast, writer Lawrence Edmondson has shared how he accepts Hamilton will see out his days in Equation 1.

In spite of the fact that they’ve not won a title since 2008, Ferrari are still Equation 1’s most famous group.

The locate of their popular ruddy car on the lattice is synonymous with the wear and indeed somebody who knows nothing around F1 would perceive a Ferrari.

So numerous drivers dream of speaking to the group with Alex Albon opening admitting he’s a tremendous fan.

Lewis Hamilton has went through two decades in F1 but has as it were ever driven for McLaren and Mercedes.

The locate of Hamilton in a Ferrari would see exceptionally bizarre as a result and shockingly doesn’t look like it’s getting to happen within the future, but there might continuously be a case of what on the off chance that for the British driver having never joined them.

He’s fair turned 39 and while Fernando Alonso is still going solid at 42, the Brit is running out of chances to connect the group.

They’ve already secured the long-term future of Charles Leclerc, whereas Hamilton is progressing to be with Mercedes for at slightest the another two seasons.

Hamilton exceptionally improbable to drive for Ferrari within the future

Speaking about the seven-time world winner, Edmondson said:
“We know that Hamilton includes a contract through to 2025, I think it’s exceptionally impossible presently that he would conclusion his career at Ferrari.

“Max Verstappen contains a contract through to 2028, given the accessibility of drivers that Ferrari was looking at, I think getting Leclerc in one of those seats on what we think may be a long-term deal makes a huge amount of sense.”

The ‘courageous’ driver has delighted in an mind boggling career in Equation 1 and is impossible to lament any of the choices he’s made that have driven him to where he is nowadays.

Ferrari haven’t delivered a car that can challenge for the championship since Hamilton’s move to Mercedes and there’s no ensure they’ll be able to do so within the future.

Leclerc will be trusting for changes when the unused controls are presented in 2026.

Hamilton might have one eye on switching groups at that point in the event that he’s not cheerful with the heading Mercedes are going in.

But if Carlos Sainz signs a new deal, or in the event that he’s supplanted for 2025, whichever driver is nearby Leclerc will need confirmations of their long-term future too.

That unquestionably rules out one of Equation 1’s most notorious drivers joining the sport’s most conspicuous group.

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