Lewis Hamilton puts George Russell beneath “colossal weight” as Brits set for F1 standoff

Lewis Hamilton puts George Russell beneath “colossal weight” as Brits set for F1 standoff

George Russell out-performed Lewis Hamilton in their to begin with season together at Mercedes, but endured a sophomore droop in 2023 whereas the seven-time winner rose to the event

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are around to start their third season together at Mercedes (

Lewis Hamilton proved final year that Mercedes is still “his group” after outshining George Russell.

That’s the see of former Formula 1 world champion Mika Hakkinen. The Finn was evaluating the team’s current circumstances after two seasons of Red Bull dominance which has cleared out Hamilton winless amid that time.

Mercedes have won fair one race in add up to over those two a long time, when Russell took triumph at the 2022 Brazilian Terrific Prix. It was a result which made a difference him to wrap up 35 focuses ahead of his team-mate in their to begin with season together.

But, final year, Hamilton was the one able to induce the foremost out of his car whereas Russell battled. Talking to Bild, Hakkinen felt it was a articulation of aim from the 39-year-old who was appearing his team-mate that he remains beat puppy at Mercedes

“Indeed in spite of the fact that George is entering his third season as a Mercedes driver, it is obvious that it is Lewis’ group,” the former McLaren racer said. “He has been driving there since 2013 and has worked with numerous of the engineers and mechanics for a long time. It doesn’t take 10 minutes of investigation from him to clarify the issue. Small things like these eventually decide in Equation 1 whether you’re in shaft position or not.”

When it was pointed out to him that Russell had beaten Hamilton in their to begin with season together, the Finn answered:
“That’s adjust. But final season Hamilton wrapped up third and Russell as it were eighth. That didn’t surprise me

On the one hand, Lewis needed to appear it to everybody after the Dusk of the Divine beings had as of now been talked around and, on the other hand, George was and proceeds to be beneath immense pressure.

When you’re the team-mate of a seven-time world winner, all eyes are consequently on you. It doesn’t matter in case you wrapped up on the platform in the event that your partner won. It’s the same with all groups – but George is dashing against a record winner.”

Hakkinen moreover had a few exhortation for the group, telling staff to utilize the pain inflicted upon them by Ruddy Bull over the final couple of a long time as inspiration to urge back to battling at the front. He included:
“Mercedes is at a crossroads. There has not been a address check over the group for a long time.

“After a decade full of victory, the past two seasons have cleared out their check on those capable and employees. And that’s great! You’ve got to be irate presently. Presently you have got to create this unrestricted will to win once more. The group must gotten to be a group once more, create this dazzle understanding. That


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