Star Colorado transfer can defy Coach Prime’s edict for next season

Shedeur Sanders has shone and outperformed expectations during the 2023 season; showing the world that he is a fantastic quarterback under center for Colorado football.


Ipso facto, many NFL teams are going to be interested in him during the upcoming NFL draft cycle. While Coach Prime has said he wants his son to stay one more season in Boulder, the idea of playing on the biggest stage may be something No. 2 cannot turn down.


Everyone who plays football dreams of one day playing in the NFL. Shedeur could make that dream a reality if he decides to go against his father’s wishes.



Will Shedeur Sanders leave Colorado football and declare for the 2024 NFL draft against Coach Prime’s wishes?



While Shedeur Sanders could be a top player in this upcoming NFL draft, it does seem unlikely that he will leave Colorado right away.


More than likely, Coach Prime’s youngest son stay loyal to his father and further develop his game in the Buffs’ first season in the Big 12 before heading into the pros in 2025. Sanders has big arm-talent and seems to be enjoying himself just fine at the moment in Colorado.


Well, besides having his $400K Rolls Royce booted on the University of Colorado’s campus multiple times, that is.


One day, the gold watch-sporting, touchdown-passing, son of Coach Prime will follow in his father’s footsteps and play professionally for the most-watched American sports league. That day just won’t come anytime soon, since Shedeur, Shilo, Travis Hunter, and Co. have unfinished business in Boulder they need to attend to in 2024.

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