Josh Dobbs makes a surprising appearance on the Vikings’ injury report

Josh Dobbs makes a surprising appearance on the Vikings’ injury report The Minnesota Vikings have been one of the most surprising teams in the NFL lately.
They won five games in a row, a great turnaround after a slow start to the year.
The Vikings are scheduled to face the Denver Broncos in Week 11, hoping to extend their winning streak to six games.
There was no official practice on the Wednesday before this game, but the team released a probable injury report.
Josh Dobbs was listed as a full participant, but the report listed his ankle injury.
According to this report, the injury appears to be minor, but it’s good news for the Vikings.
However, his inclusion on the list means he has an ankle issue, which could be a situation to watch over the next few weeks.
Dobbs has taken the NFL world by storm over the past two weeks as the Vikings’ starting quarterback.
Given Kirk Cousins’ consistent play over the past few years, it was unclear what a new quarterback would be for this team.
But Dobbs quickly won the hearts of Vikings fans and hopes to continue that momentum.
One of the aspects of his quarterback game is his ability to rush efficiently.
This is something Cousins ​​didn’t have in this offense.
This ankle injury can affect your ability to scramble and run significant distances.
If he gets in the way at all, he might have to change the Vikings’ game plan against the Broncos.

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