Falcons Rumor: QB Kirk Cousins to Sign with Atlanta as Free Agent?

Falcons Rumor: QB Kirk Cousins to Sign with Atlanta as Free Agent?
The NFL present for quarterback Kirk Cousins?
His Minnesota Vikings season is over as he rehabs from injury and looks forward to being a 2024 free agent.
But his future?
ESPN “insiders” have launched a guessing game, with Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler predicting the veteran quarterback will be elsewhere next year.
“Elsewhere”, like the Atlanta Falcons?
“When I started asking teams about it, Atlanta’s name came up quite a bit,” Fowler claims.
“The Falcons are improving their roster and need a quarterback who can put it all together.
” Cousins, like Minnesota, will find solace in Atlanta’s roster of talented playmakers.
The chance to win is there.
” Something to note: This all sounds like speculation.
And Fowler basically acknowledged the same thing, saying, “I’m asking the team about it.
” Because what “other teams” think in mid-November 2023 about what could happen in mid-2024 apparently seems completely irrelevant to us.
That aside: Is that idea logical?
Of course, that would mean giving up Desmond Ridder as the starter.
That means relying on Cousins, who turns 36 in August.
.and paying him a premium contract.
ESPN points out that Atlanta has ample cap space.
But that doesn’t mean this is the way it should be spent.

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