Carroll set a pretty high standard. Ex-Red Sox Outfielder Considers 2023 Corbin Carroll’s ‘Baseline’

Former Red Sox outfielder sees Corbin Carroll’s ‘baseline’ for 2023 Carroll sets the bar pretty high Red Sox reportedly found new head of baseball operations Red Sox get reportedly agreed to a deal with Craig Breslow, who has accepted an offer to be the new chief baseball officer in Boston.
Corbin Carroll set the standard during an impressive National League Rookie of the Year winning campaign with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2023.
Although Arizona clearly fell short in the World Series, lost 5 games to the Texas Rangers, but the future is still bright.
Carroll is the clear candidate for Rookie of the Year, which shouldn’t give voters much to think about, and former Boston Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes believes it’s not a top decision.
While Carroll’s first year in the big leagues may be difficult to come by, Gomes believes the best is yet to come for the 23-year-old.
“The scary thing is, seeing this guy so young, like this season, this season is his benchmark,” Gomes told MLB Network Radio on Monday.
“Every once in a while you’ll see a career year that’s this or that.
That’s what you’ll get from Corbin Carroll every year.
” In 155 games for Arizona, Carroll hit .
506 with 25 home runs, 25 doubles, 10 triples and 76 RBIs.
This promising young player also stole 54 bases, third among NL leaders.
When the playoffs rolled around, Carroll didn’t slow down either.
The left-handed hitting speedster batted .
409 with two homers, one double and one triple, driving in 10 RBIs while stealing five bases.
“He’s gonna get better as an outfielder and guess what?
He can play all three (outfield positions),” Gomes added.
“… It’s just scary to think the Diamondbacks have a guy for a long time.
Unanimous Rookie of the Year and this is his baseline.

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