TAMU not the Texas school Colorado should worry about poaching Coach Prime

With Jimbo Fisher being relieved of his duties at Texas A&M, many people are starting to speculate on who will take the Aggies head coaching job. Naturally, Coach Prime’s name came up. While the job does seem very appealing, that is not something that should make anyone in the Colorado football program worry.


Texas A&M is the kind of marquee coaching job a proven veteran (perhaps Urban Meyer?) will be hired for. Deion Sanders doesn’t yet have that clout, especially not in the wake of what could be a losing season in Boulder.


That does not mean that he will not leave for another job in the future, though. A position that may interest Coach Prime is the head coaching job at SMU — a position that can potentially appeal to Deion because of all the ties he has in that program and area.




SMU a more real threat to poach Coach Prime from Colorado football than Texas A&M



SMU is a solid program that is located in Dallas, Texas; the metro area where both Shedeur and Shilo played their high school football. It is also worth mentioning that Coach Prime Deion Sanders’ other son, Deion Sanders Jr., was a defensive back for SMU.


With the great coaching job that Mustangs head coach Rhett Lashlee has done at SMU in 2023, he may be looking to get a pay upgrade and “promotion” with the college football ranks. Perhaps Texas A&M can come calling for him.


Sanders may be tempted to make this move because he has ties to the Dallas area and SMU. Coach Prime has stated on multiple occasions that he is fine where he is at and many of us should trust him at his word.


In life, people change their minds, fairly frequently actually, and a job at SMU could be the type of role that would make Sanders change his stance.

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