Stephen A. Smith says Deion Sanders to SEC “needs to happen”

The Jimbo Fisher era comes to a close at Texas A&M, leaving everyone to pile on the “Deion Sanders must exit Boulder” train. One of the loudest was Stephen A. Smith who said Prime Time in the SEC needs to happen.


Coach Prime has taken the sports world by storm, but even that’s not good enough to build upon, according to the ESPN host. Smith wants Sanders to enjoying the resources of college football’s powerhouse conference. It has stirred up a lot of buzz it the past 24 hours.



Smith was clamoring for Prime in College State and crashed the set of ESPN’s Get Up on Monday to share his thoughts.


“That’s what I’ve been saying, Deion Sanders in the SEC,” Smith said. “With that vault that they have available to them. Them hogs that he could recruit. He doesn’t have them at Colorado, and he ain’t going to get them. I don’t think they’ll do it. Texas A&M. Primetime, Deion Sanders in the SEC? That needs to happen.”


Smith has high hopes with unrealistic expectations. Sanders has no interest in coaching at Texas A&M at this point, according to sources. Let’s say for the sake of conversation that Prime would consider leaving Boulder for College Station. Texas A&M has money but won’t give Sanders absolute control of the program and that’s a problem.


Sanders recently inked a Nike contract that brings back his Diamond Turf line. On the other hand, the Aggies have a partnership with Adidas. Texas A&M officials are too proud of their tradition and wouldn’t appreciate the “Prime Effect” in all its glory. Expect Sanders to be the biggest name linked to every coaching opening in the coming months.

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