Kevin O’Connell Cryptic on Vikings’ Emergency QB Against Saints

Saints The Minnesota Vikings continue to face key questions at center despite acquiring new starter Josh Dobbs.
ESPN’s Kevin Seifert reported on Friday, November 10, that head coach Kevin O’Connell refused to provide information on who will serve as the team’s emergency quarterback on Sunday when Minnesota takes on host the Saints of New Orleans.
Despite questioning from me and @markcraignfl, Kevin O’Connell refused to reveal the identity of the Vikings’ emergency quarterback this week.
(That was Cam Akers before his Achilles injury.
) “Despite criticism from me and @markcraignfl, Kevin O’Connell has refused to reveal the identity of the Vikings’ emergency quarterback in this week,” Seifert wrote.
“That was [running back] Cam Akers before he suffered his Achilles injury.
” Without Dobbs on the roster, Minnesota’s situation under center would be even worse.
Rookie Jaren Hall was matched against the Atlanta Falcons last weekend after a torn Achilles sidelined Kirk Cousins ​​​for the season in the previous game.
Hall looked healthy before suffering a concussion near the goal line that forced him off the field.
According to the team’s official injury report, Hall is still suffering from a concussion and has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Saints.
Nick Mullens has been on IR the past four weeks with a back injury, and while he is eligible to return, he doesn’t appear to be ready to participate in practice, let alone a game.
The Vikings will elevate Sean Mannion from the practice squad to serve as Dobbs’ backup and will sign Tanner Morgan, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers, as the organization’s third QB at this time.
Morgan could become a reasonable emergency quarterback if he’s given enough time to learn the offense.
However, the Vikings just acquired him on Thursday.
Dobbs could be effective right away with very little playbook knowledge, but he has more talent and has made 10 NFL starts while Morgan has none.
However, Morgan may turn out to be the best of the bad choices.
The team gave no indication as to who on their roster could replace the midfielder, and it’s possible O’Connell remained silent on the subject on Friday because he still didn’t have an answer.
Josh Dobbs is an excellent runner, but must proceed with caution Hopefully Minnesota can avoid the avalanche of injuries that buried its quarterbacks in one weekend , which would give Hall time to come back and play a bit of an advantage.
Dobbs hasn’t been an injury-prone player during his NFL career, but to be fair, he didn’t really play any significant minutes until late last season.
In Dobbs’ two starts with the Tennessee Titans in 2022 and eight starts with the Arizona Cardinals this season, he has shown toughness, readiness and a talent for running the football.
However, this can cause problems when it comes to staying healthy.
Dobbs, 28, has appeared in 17 games during his NFL career.
During that span, he threw the ball 68 times for 399 yards (an average of 5.
9 yards per carry) and four touchdowns, according to Pro Football Reference.
O’Connell must manage the game for Dobbs in a way that takes advantage of his talent and minimizes the risk of injury.
Sunday’s game was a big one for the Vikings, who have won four straight and are now 5-4 and currently in seventh place in the NFC playoffs.

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