Tyreek Hill is a married man. Tyreek Hill marries longtime fiancée Keeta Vaccaro on Dolphins’ bye week

Tyreek Hill is a married man.
Tyreek Hill married longtime fiancee Keeta Vaccaro during the Dolphins’ bye week The Miami Dolphins wide receiver married Keeta Vaccaro on Wednesday afternoon in Travis County, Texas, according to TMZ Hill will have extra time to celebrate with the Dolphins in a bye week.
“She definitely has the most diamonds, man,” Hill told TMZ after proposing to former NFL star Kenny Vaccaro’s sister.
“We were sure about that.
” Hill proposed to Vaccaro in 2021, surrounded by extravagant balloons, fireworks and popping the question in big, bright letters.
“The beginning of eternity,” Hill said on Instagram at the time.
Hill proposed shortly after appearing in a second straight Super Bowl with the Chiefs, with Kansas City losing to the Buccaneers after beating the 49ers the year before.
it Keeta Vaccaro and Tyreek Hill were engaged since 2021 before getting married.Instagram/Keeta Vaccaro Hill’s $120 million contract extension with Miami, which includes $72.
2 million guaranteed and $52.
535 million guaranteed at signing, makes him the highest-paid wide receiver in the league.
Vaccaro is a University of Miami graduate.
Going into Week 10 of the 2023 season, Hill has 69 receptions for 1,076 yards and eight touchdowns.
In 25 games with the Dolphins, Hill has accumulated more yards than he did during any 25-game span with the Chiefs.
Hill and the Dolphins are coming off a tough loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, 21-14.
Vaccaro’s Own Flow app, provides subscribers with personalized workout routines, diets and plans.
Getty Images The match in Frankfurt, Germany, was the first time Hill faced his old team since the trade.
A week earlier, in a 31-17 win over the Patriots, Hill became the first player since 1961 to gain 1,000 receiving yards in eight games.
“It feels great.
God is so great.
I’ve made up my mind since I got into this tournament,” Hill told ESPN.com.
“A lot of people doubted me, said I couldn’t do this or that, but the thing is that it .
on himself.
” Hill rushes for 62 yards during an International Series game at Deutsche Bank Park, Nov.
5, 2023.USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

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