Shedeur Sanders reportedly has Rolls-Royce booted by CU campus police

Buffaloes “Grown” QB is the latest to catch the wrath for strict campus policies at Colorado



Shedeur Sanders can’t catch a break in life right now. He’s been banged up on the field, which has been a topic of conversation around the nation. But off the field, the Buffs QB can’t get respect either.


The CU parking police booted his black Rolls-Royce in a lot near the Champion Center. It caught the attention of CU’s Sports Information’s Payton Craft, who posted about it on social media.



Sanders got ticketed with a wheel clamp days before Colorado’s game with 23rd-ranked Arizona. This isn’t an isolated incident by CU campus patrol and is the latest in a string of ongoing issues. At least eight players had their cars towed for parking near the practice bubble down the hill over the summer. A hefty couple hundred dollars was charged by the towing service to get cars out of impound.


Deion Sanders destroys reporter with famous Disney reference


Buffaloes defensive back Cam’Ron Silmon-Craig paid thousands of dollars for over 50 parking citations by the City of Boulder. He’s not alone in the fight with two-way star Travis Hunter, saying he was tired of paying for tickets. Deion Sanders Jr. also complained about receiving a ticket outside of Folsom Field on a Sunday, which doesn’t happen in a majority of metropolitan areas.



Coach Prime himself was ticketed by campus enforcement right before Colorado left to face Oregon. Maybe the latest string of incidents will change things in Boulder with Sanders and the Buffs raking in record profits for the city.

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