Lewis Hamilton reveals he’s quit drinking after ‘suffering’ from alcohol

Lewis Hamilton reveals he has stopped drinking after ‘suffering’ from alcohol Formula 1 legend Sir Lewis Hamilton has revealed he has given up alcohol and he hopes this will be possible Help him find his way back to victory.
It’s been a tough couple of seasons for the seven-time world champion, who narrowly lost the title in 2021 to Max Verstappen and has now gone two years without winning a race.
Although the 38-year-old is now in the twilight of his career, he continues to put in excellent performances and there is no doubt that if Mercedes can give him one competitive car, he will challenge for a record eighth title.
But with Verstappen and Red Bull expected to continue their dominance in 2024, Hamilton is looking to make the most of his performance.
To that end, the British sports giant announced he had given up alcohol earlier this year, admitting that drinking had affected him in the past.
“I would be sore for a few days — sometimes three or four days,” Hamilton told Vogue.
“There is pressure in the social environment.
You get one chance and you think, “Damn, why would I do that?
” When you come home.
‘I thought, wow, it’s crazy that I feel so pressured.
And I realized: how can I feel pressured at 38 years old?
Imagine 18 year olds.
The fact is that alcohol does not help with this.
‘I don’t know if I’ll drink it again.
Since I stopped drinking, I feel so much better, so much clearer.
I sleep better and can still wake up at 5am.
‘I’ve always wondered how to get that extra 1%?
As an athlete, that’s what you do all the time.


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