Kevin O’Connell Shares Secret He Told Josh Dobbs After Win in ATL

Kevin O’Connell shares the secret he told Josh Dobbs after ATL win GettyMinnesota Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell (left) talks with quarterback Joshua Dobbs (right) before the game NFL vs.
Atlanta Falcons in November 2023.
The Minnesota Vikings may have found a special bond between head coach Kevin O’Connell and quarterback Josh Dobbs.
Dobbs led Minnesota to victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, November 5, just five days after the Vikings traded for him from the Arizona Cardinals.
Dobbs had never attacked center Garrett Bradbury, thrown a pass to one of the team’s receivers or known the names of most of his teammates – let alone the nuances of a complex offense being designed by a former NFL quarterback in O’Connell, who won.
during the Super Bowl two years ago as offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams.
But Dobbs, a former NASA intern who earned a degree in aerospace engineering before joining the NFL, rearranged the game plan as he went along.
O’Connell is always in his ear, quickly translating his new QB’s offense.
Dobbs quickly dug in and led the Vikings to a game-winning drive that ended with a touchdown pass with 22 seconds left.
O’Connell and Dobbs hug on the field after an emotional victory.
On Tuesday, the Minnesota head coach told SiriusXM NFL Radio what he shared with Dobbs at the time.
“I just told him I was proud of him,” O’Connell said.
“There’s a reason why we identified Josh as the type of guy who we thought could not only come in and be an important part of our team but could also help us win football games when asked.
I didn’t know it would be 11.
” snaps for his first game with us.
“[Like] if you’re taking an AP Spanish test and someone tells you you have an AP French test on Sunday and you have to perform,” Dobbs said.
“Someone will talk to us you in Spanish and translate it into French.
” The QB proved bilingual enough, completing 20 of 30 passes for 158 yards and 2 touchdowns.
He also punted the ball 7 times for 66 yards and a score.
Dobbs’ individual effort was impressive and deserved all the headlines and the best promotion he received throughout two days since Minnesota beat Atlanta on the road.
But the coaching staff, especially O’Connell, deserve a round of praise for putting Dobbs in a position to succeed despite little tactical knowledge.
and support him and try to help him become the best version of himself as an NFL quarterback,” O’Connell continued Tuesday.
“I want every guy that ever played money defenseman for the Minnesota Vikings feels it, especially from the head coach, and I just want him to know that right now.
But most of all, let him know how proud I am of him and what he just did to win an NFL football game, which is not an easy thing to do.
The Vikings are now 5-4 and have won four straight.
The team hosts New Orleans Saints on Sunday and announced that Dobbs will replace rookie Jaren Hall, who is currently navigating the NFL’s concussion protocol.

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