Former MLB Exec Predicts Next Houston Astros Manager

Former MLB Exec Predicts Next Houston Astros Manager

One former MLB executive has given his prediction on who the next manager of the Houston Astros will be when they make their hiring decision.

After the managerial hiring frenzy that took place on Monday, there are now four teams still searching for their next skippers this offseason.

The Houston Astros are one of them and have no intention of rushing their process according to general manager Dana Brown.

They seemingly have one of the top candidates on the market within their own clubhouse. It would surprise many people if the Astros didn’t go in the direction of their bench coach Joe Espada.

Former MLB executive Jim Bowden would be shocked as well, based on his prediction in an article he wrote for The Athletic.

“The Astros hire Joe Espada to be their next manager, promoting him after six seasons as their bench coach,” he predicts.

It makes sense.

Espada has been with Houston since 2018. Normally, bench coaches are seen as future managers because they’re the right-hand man of the skipper.

He previously interviewed for two managerial positions and seems primed to take over a team soon.

If the Astros don’t go with the 48-year-old, the Milwaukee Brewers reportedly have interest in him after their manager Craig Counsell left this offseason.

After winning the NL Central and making the playoffs last year, the Brewers have seemingly entered a state of flux. They could potentially begin a rebuild or they could add pieces in free agency.

Espada could be their guy either way.

If Milwaukee wants to rebuild, that would allow the manager to grow into the job with the players. If they want to stay contenders, Espada has been part of a dominant playoff franchise and knows what that takes.

However, Bowden doesn’t expect Houston to let their bench coach out of the organization and thinks that he’ll ultimately be the head man for the Astros.

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