Hamilton upset with W14: ‘Thank god only two more races to go’

Hamilton upset with W14: ‘Thank god only two more races to go’

Lewis Hamilton was not happy with how his car behaved at Interlagos. The Briton finished the race in eighth place, and constantly struggled with the tyres. The seven-time world champion is glad there are only two more races to go with his current car.

“Thank god,” Lewis Hamilton responded to Sky Sports on only having to drive two more races with his car, the W14.

“It didn’t feel as disastrous as yesterday. Yesterday when I finished, I literally had no no tyres left, they were worn to zero. So I feel like I drove a better race today in terms of managing the tyres to the best of my ability. There’s moments it works and then moments it doesn’t,” the Briton explained his frustration.

He added: “It’s so inconsistent throughout the lap. so we have to figure out what that that is. Then we’re really slow on the straights and then really slow through the corners or at least sliding the car through the corners. One to forget but hopefully there’s lots of learnings from today.”

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