The difference between p9 and p1″ – Fans react to Max Verstappen zooming past Sergio Perez at the pitlane exit in  2023 F1 Brazilian GP

“The difference between p9 and p1” – Fans react to Max Verstappen zooming past Sergio Perez at the pitlane exit in  2023 F1 Brazilian GP

During the 2023 F1 Brazilian GP qualifying session, Max Verstappen was seen zooming past his teammate Sergio Perez at the pit exit to get out on track and set a decent lap time in Q1. Overtaking at the pit exit has been made possible by a new rule put out by the FIA, in a bid to ensure that every driver gets enough time to set their fastest lap.

During Q1, Sergio Perez was stuck behind Esteban Ocon when he was exiting the pits. Checo complained on the team radio that there was not enough space on the right to overtake the Alpine driver.

At that very moment, Max Verstappen was seen overtaking both Perez and Ocon, going off the tarmac into the grass area of the pit exit lane.

The visual from Sergio Perez’s on-board as Verstappen zoomed past him was quite a sight to witness, and a clip of the incident went viral on social media. Some fans humorously said the Dutchman still has no patience, while others claimed that the clip represented the entire 2023 F1 season as it showed how quick Max Verstappen was compared to others on the grid.

Despite Verstappen overtaking and Perez being unable to do so, both were able to cross the line before Q1 ended, giving them one more chance to put in a fast lap. The reigning world champion was able to clock in a decent lap to place himself in second place. Sergio Perez did not complete his flying lap, but survived by being in P13.

Red Bull boss says Max Verstappen is not “obsessive” about records but “knows more than you think”

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner recently praised Max Verstappen and talked about how he is already one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport. Furthermore, he claimed that although the Dutchman is not too obsessed with records, he does know about them and keeps tabs on them.

According to PlanetF1, Horner said:

“I think Max even takes that to another level. He’s not obsessive in chasing records or statistics – although he knows more than you think – but he has an inner desire, an inner belief, an inner hunger that drives him. If you look across some of the greats across many sports, you see that as a common trait.”

Max has now achieved the milestones of 50 career wins. He will most likely overtake Alain Prost‘s 51 race win milestone before the season ends.

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