He has the 2nd fastest car and still crying” – Lewis Hamilton criticized by fans for claiming “he’ll be happy when the W14 is gone”

“He has the 2nd fastest car and still crying” – Lewis Hamilton criticized by fans for claiming “he’ll be happy when the W14 is gone”

F1 fans were not happy with Lewis Hamilton after he reportedly claimed that he would be happy when the W14 will be gone after the 2023 season.

The W14 has probably been the second-fastest car on the grid on most race weekends behind the mighty RB19 in 2023. However, both Hamilton and teammate George Russell have had a hard time getting consistent performances from the car, albeit the seven-time world champion has been more successful in extracting the maximum out of the car compared to Russell.

After his P7 finish in the Sprint Race on Saturday, Lewis Hamilton stated that he was “counting the days” for the W14 to be gone. As per Motorsport.com, the Briton said:

“The last couple of races we’ve been excited that we’re progressing, and it’s been really positive to see. And you come to another track and then you have the worst leg that you’ve had for ages.

“So it’s like you just don’t know what to expect with this one. But only a couple more races with this car and it’s gone, and I’ll be happy! This year, you’re just counting down the days, trying to enjoy every day as you can.”

F1 fans were not impressed by Hamilton’s comments and took to social media to give their reactions, with one fan claiming that the Mercedes driver was ungrateful for having the second fastest car on the grid, saying:

“He has the 2nd fastest car and still crying,”

Lewis Hamilton speaks on his struggles with the balance of the car in Brazil

The seven-time world champion stated that the Sprint race on Saturday was a “tough one” for him as he struggled with the balance of the car.

Lewis Hamilton explained:

“It was a very tough race. I think we got a good start and then… balance. We tried to get the right balance with the wing, just a lot of understeer, snap oversteer, and the rear tyres just dropped off. And in the mid-sector, huge understeer. I don’t know whether we got the set-up wrong. We probably got the set-up wrong, but it is what it is.”

“I think we have one of the draggiest cars. Our floor is not as strong as perhaps the Red Bull for example, so we have to have a really big wing, and then we’re just slow on the straight. We can’t use anything smaller.”

Starting from P5 in the main race, Lewis Hamilton would hope for some improvement from his W14 on Sunday.

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