Lewis Hamilton wants 2023 F1 season to end and can’t wait to get rid of Mercedes car

Lewis Hamilton wants 2023 F1 season to end and can’t wait to get rid of Mercedes car

Lewis Hamilton has finally had enough of his Mercedes W14 car after a dismal Sprint race in Brazil in which the team’s upgrades didn’t stop him from slipping backwards

Lewis Hamilton is ready for the 2023 F1 season to end

Lewis Hamilton is “counting down the days” until he never has to race his Mercedes W14 again.

The seven-time world champion has been critical of the car’s temperamental nature since the start of the year. But he was feeling much happier about it after upgrades at the US GP two weeks ago.

But the Sprint race in Brazil brought the Brit crashing back down to earth. After a fast start, he overheated his tyres and spent the rest of the afternoon’s action dropping down the order to finish seventh, two places below where he had started.

And it seems it was the final straw for Hamilton, regarding the W14. “The last couple of races we’ve been excited that we’re progressing, and it’s been really positive to see,” he told reporters.

“And you come to another track and then you have the worst deg that you’ve had for ages. So it’s like you just don’t know what to expect with this one. But only a couple more races with this car and it’s gone, and I’ll be happy! This year, you’re just counting down the days, trying to enjoy every day as you can.”

Regarding the Sprint itself, he added: “It was a very tough race. I think we got a good start and then… balance. We tried to get the right balance with the wing, just a lot of understeer, and snap oversteer, and the rear tyres just dropped off. And in the mid-sector, huge understeer.

“I don’t know whether we got the set-up wrong. We probably got the set-up wrong, but it is what it is. I think we have one of the draggiest cars. Our floor is not as strong as perhaps the Red Bull, for example, so we have to have a really big wing and then we’re just slow on the straight. We can’t use anything smaller.”

In a separate interview, he ruled out his chances of ending his long victory drought on Sunday. “It’s going to be a long afternoon, that’s for sure,” he said. “It is what it is. I’ll fight as hard as I can [in the Grand Prix], but I won’t be winning that’s for sure. I’ll just be trying to manage the tyres a bit better.”

Team principal Toto Wolff called it “a bruising day” for his Mercedes team. “We pushed very hard at the beginning, the car was not balanced right and then you put in some sliding and it just killed the tyres,” he explained.

“I don’t think there is a magic screw you can turn and then everything is fixed. It was very odd. Everything went against us today. We need to really scratch our heads hard about what we can do to improve. Today wasn’t good.”

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