ESPN analyst conclude Coach Prime had beef with how Sean Lewis managed Shedeur Sanders

Lewis was forced to give up play-calling responsibilities prior to the game with Oregon State



Colorado coach Deion Sanders made an adjustment by taking offensive play-calling duties away from Sean Lewis and elevating analyst Pat Shurmur in the process. It’s a curious move to many and one that still doesn’t fix the issues with protecting Shedeur Sanders.


Nonetheless, Lewis has found himself without the ability to run the offensive eight games into the season. As for Shurmur, he stepped back into the fold as an assistant for CU after having a more hands off role. The former NFL head coach, who has stints with the Giants and Browns, was recently down the highway with the Denver Broncos as their offensive coordinator from 2020-21.


One ESPN analyst was dumbfounded by what’s going on in Boulder, but did speculate a bit. Bill Connelly shared his theory via a tweet on Friday.


“My completely unfounded but enjoyable (to me) theory: Lewis actually wanted to run the ball more than like 4 times per game but got yelled at anytime he took the ball out of Shedeur’s hands.”


While that doesn’t seem like the case, and in reality, no team can be that one dimensional, it begs the question about friction with Lewis’ scheme and how Shedeur fits accordingly. I think more designed runs for Sanders will become a featured part of the offense under Shurmur’s calls.


Lewis had the Buffs as the 6th-ranked passing offense in FBS. However, they’re one of the worst on the ground, and had 25 yards on 24 carries vs. UCLA last week. Even without a true rushing attack, CU will likely post some of the best offensive numbers in over 20 years. Sanders has thrown for 2,637 yards and 22 TDs with 3 INTs on the season. The ugly side is he has been sacked 41 times.

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