Three free starting pitchers the Red Sox should avoid at all costs.

Three free starting pitchers the Red Sox should avoid at all costs.


The Red Sox need to start pitching.
But we don’t need these people.
Jack Flaherty

Finally, let’s meet the rising star of 2019, Jack Flaherty. Flaherty finished in the top five in 2018 NL Rookie of the Year voting and will likely get more love in 2019 NL Cy Young voting after Jacob deGrom posted a 2.75 ERA in nearly 200 innings in that year.
Unfortunately, after that, things started to turn around. Flaherty struggled in the 2020 season shortened by COVID-19, and injury is starting to bother him in 2021. Oblique and shoulder issues limited him to just 15 games in 2021, and the shoulder issues will continue to plague him in 2022.
Even though he played the entire 2023 season, he still wasn’t right as he posted a 4 .99 in 29 appearances in 2023. Cardinals and Orioles.
It would be nice if Flaherty was willing to sign a cheap one-year deal, and Boston thought there would be some mechanical tweaks that would help him regain the form he showed early on the career.
However, there are physical issues that could limit his future work, and it seems more likely that his home, CAA, will be the team willing to offer him a multi-year deal.
fight for Boston needs to get someone else to foot that bill and focus on other goals that will help in the short term.


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