Red Sox Release Hard-Throwing Hurler After Unsuccessful Stint In Boston

Red Sox release pitcher after unsuccessful stint in Boston Boston Red Sox director of baseball Craig Breslow made his first major league roster move just hours after the his introductory press conference.
Breslow and company are in the process of determining who will need to go ahead of what hopes to be a successful season.
They should have made their first edit.
The Red Sox completely beat right-hander Justin Garza according to Alex Speier of the Boston Globe.
Garza posted a 7.
36 ERA with a strikeout-to-walk ratio, a .
286 batting average and a 1.
85 WHIP in 18 1/3 innings after being acquired by the Red Sox in late April.
The right-hander was able to dial in his sinker, averaging 94.
6 mph, but he struggled to miss the bat and didn’t have enough of a repertoire to stay in the majors Big match last season.
With players like Kaleb Ort and Justin Garza completely out, one would hope that Breslow would clean up the back of the bullpen and find significant upgrades to bolster the team’s depth.
Red Sox manager Alex Cora has been forced to get rid of minor league-caliber pitchers in the middle innings for years now, which has killed Boston time and time again.
As Breslow commits to a complete overhaul of the pitching program, he will also be tasked with finding dark draft picks who can get the ball to higher-leverage options like Chris Martin and Kenley Jansen.

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