The Red Sox “tried hard” to sell their fan-favorite player at the trade deadline, but failed.

The Red Sox “tried hard” to sell their fan-favorite player at the trade deadline, but failed.


Boston reportedly tried to trade one of its players before the deadline.

In 2024, there will likely be some changes to the Boston Red Sox’s outfield.

Boston needs a change after winning just 78 games in each of the last two years, but the away pitch is a real low point for the club.
The Red Sox’s 40-man roster includes Masataka Yoshida, Jaren Duran, Alex Verdugo, Viller Abreu, Rob Refsnyder and Sedana Raffaella.

There have been rumors of a possible trade this offseason, and the most likely candidate at this point is Verdugo.
Meanwhile, according to’s Chris Cotillo, Boston “tried hard” to sign him before Major League Baseball’s 2023 trade deadline, but were unable to reach a deal.

“The most obvious trade candidate is the mercurial Verdugo, who the Red Sox tried hard to get, but he had one year left on his contract and they couldn’t bring him in before the trade deadline,” Cotillo said.
“It’s unclear if the relationship between Verdugo and (Alex Cora) has reached a tipping point, but it’s clear it’s strained after multiple public clashes throughout the season.
Many in the organization have grown tired of Verdugo’s inconsistency.
The point is, the Red Sox might not get many offers considering Verdugo is a free agent next fall and free agency is in the cards.”


Verdugo will be a free agent after the 2024 season, but there are upsides.
He’s only 27 years old and lights up offensively while playing good defense in the outfield.
He could help the starting pitching if the Red Sox actually decide to sign him.
Hopefully he can maintain that consistency in 2024, even if the Red Sox decide not to make the move.
It’s too early to tell what will happen in the offseason, but it’s clear the Red Sox will at least engage in trade talks with Verdugo.


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