The Red Sox lost three key stars and could replace them in 2024

The Red Sox lost three key stars and could replace them in 2024


Thanks to Craig Breslow, the Boston Red Sox won’t have three starters back until 2024.

The Boston Red Sox hired Craig Breslow to replace Chaim Bloom in baseball operations. Breslow has a lot of work to do.
The Boston Red Sox have a lot of work to do this season.
But the Boston winter can’t begin until they find a suitable replacement for Chaim Bloom, who was fired in 2023 for coming from a mediocre major league team.
It’s difficult to pin all of the Red Sox’s problems on Bloom, as he was bullied and often violated by Fenway Sports Group and John Henry.
Breslow faces the same problem, but at least he has a good farming system thanks to Bloom.
In mid-September I wrote an article about some Boston Red Sox players who would not be on the roster next season.
As writer Kevin Henry discussed, the player still isn’t likely to re-sign (though some are interested in staying).
The next one is a summary.

Joel Rodriguez said:

James Pakston: “Pakston will be 35 years old.
Maybe Boston will help move young people and move young people.”

Duvall: “Duval could have made this salary, but not necessarily.
If Duvall is not returned to a friendly transaction in 2024, it is easy to find someone to write a list.”

Adalberto Mondei: “Red Sox is patient, but I didn’t know what the team could do to help the Boston.”

Corey Kluber: “Klber has a team in 2024, but makes no sense to cross a person who causes pink.
“Boston is expected to shed Kluber’s experience after one season.”

Here is the full list of players Henry discussed:

But now that Breslow is at the helm, more sales should be coming.
These five are still gone, but three are sure to find new homes.


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