Ed: Now it’s time to think about what Sanders doesn’t like.

Ed: Now it’s time to think about what Sanders doesn’t like.


Coach Prime’s vision for Colorado’s success was never a one-size-fits-all model.

Colorado buffalo are much larger than expected.
To advance to the postseason in less than a year with a one-win team led by Carl Dorrell is quite an accomplishment.
Rick George signed the largest contract in CU football history.

Each week, Sanders graces the media with his presence.
He set the field on fire with his smile and charisma, along with his dedication to the game.
He continues to stay calm as the team prepares for another premiership game.
You might be wondering who Sanders I’m talking about.
The answer is so very simple. Deion Sanders came to Colorado to make a difference.
When Coach Prime made this change, his son Sheder Sanders, now a player at Colorado, joined the team through the transfer portal.
Criticism comes when father and son look at each other.
Away fans have raised issues with coach Prime’s coaching style.
From the day he arrived last week to his comments about the offensive line, it was clear that this team would perform well under a Sanders administration.

The Buffs are 4-4 with a 1-4 record in the Pac-12 Conference. The season started with a bang and it was nothing but flawed pop rock.
This led to people calling Sanders and Sheder “a product of his past.” The fans obviously don’t understand the process.
It will take more than a year to build the culture Sanders is trying to create.

Many at Jackson State, where the competition is thin, are hoping for success.
Let’s give it a chance.
Most coaches struggle in their first year or two, and Sanders is no different.
Sanders is 27-8 in 2020.
So let’s sit down and build the team he and his staff envision. The team is not a total disaster. They have a top-5 passing game with stars on both sides of the ball.
Stop insulting the coaches and players and let the system evolve for the better.
Opponents start talking because that’s what they do best.
Anyone who calls themselves a Sanders supporter will be pleased with this program, which is growing and moving in the right direction.


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