Lewis Hamilton ramps up pressure on Sergio Perez with message Toto Wolff will love

Lewis Hamilton ramps up pressure on Sergio Perez with message Toto Wolff will love Lewis Hamilton has put all the pressure on Sergio Perez to keep hold of second spot in the Drivers’ Championship as the Mexican has the ‘title-winning Red Bull’ at his disposal.
Perez looked as though he’d be able to challenge Max Verstappen for the title in the first few races of the season until his performances quickly took a nosedive.
In that time, Hamilton managed to close the gap to his rival with some consistent results over the summer months.
He missed out on two huge opportunities over back-to-back weekends in Qatar and Austin to leave Perez with a big advantage heading into his home race.
But the Red Bull driver was forced to retire on the opening lap after causing a collision with Charles Leclerc while Hamilton drove a solid race to finish second.
There are 20 points between the two heading into this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix, where Hamilton has enjoyed success throughout his career.
However, Hamilton continues to believe that he will ultimately be helpless if Perez unleashes the full power of the Red Bull car.
“I think it all depends on Perez’s performance,” Hamilton said.
“He owns the Red Bull that won the title and I think he is sometimes unhappy in certain situations.
Obviously he lost points in the last two races, but Me too.
” Hamilton could be forgiven for doing everything he could to end a two-year winless streak in F1.
This will certainly make Toto Wolff nervous in the Mercedes garage with the Ferrari still hanging around his neck in the Constructors’ Championship.
However, Hamilton insists he is ready to play team spirit in the final three races thanks to his own goals, which will give Wolff added motivation.
He added: “The odds keep changing.
Before the weekend, I thought I would no longer be on Perez’s radar because I was eliminated.
Now the world is completely different and we will do everything possible to get through it.
“To be honest, I’m more focused on second place in the constructors’ championship.
That’s very important for the team.
The rest is the prize money.
” Ferrari is just 22 points behind Mercedes in the Constructors’ Championship ahead of this weekend’s race in Brazil.


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