Here we go” takes on new meaning in the Buffs’ last four games.

“Here we go” takes on new meaning in the Buffs’ last four games.


Deion Sanders and his staff will look for a solution in November.

It’s hard to see talented Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Sheder Sanders go behind an injury-plagued offensive line. The junior was sacked seven more times in a loss to No. 23 UCLA on a beautiful night of football in the Rose Bowl.
It was a beautiful evening for fans on this shortcut.
What can you do other than this number to protect yourself? The 6-foot signal-caller reportedly received a pain-relieving injection during halftime.
A young man watching the game was worried about his health and his body was shaking.
Here’s some unsolicited advice from someone who’s watched Colorado football for nearly 40 years.
Get ready to attack.

Run the ball more often until your offensive line grows in talent and depth through offseason signings and transfers.
Is Sanders an easy target and does he take painkillers during his time off?
When a talented passer suffers a serious injury, it can be disastrous.
There are four games left.
The Buffs are likely to lose both.
16 Oregon State returns to Folsom Field this Saturday for another pointless start to the night.
The Beavers lost 6-2 to the fast-rising University of Arizona in Tucson last weekend.
The Wildcats face the Buffs in their home finale next week before road games against Washington State and Utah wrap up the regular season.

Indeed, winning two of four games and securing a bowl berth seems like a long shot. How about making adjustments to keep Sanders healthy? Commit to working on developing the running game (only 38 yards against the Bruins) and let the awful offensive line do what the biggest guys on the front line like to do: run the football, control the line and see who can do it.
. win the battle.
Of course, this may sacrifice KO’s chances of winning.
But the old man says: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is madness.” Buff testing in progress.

Calm Sanders snap and post-snap coverage takes a reporter to the 2004 Big 12 Championship Game. It was a cold and cruel night at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.
It was so cold that I abandoned my usual checkpoint and retreated to the warmth of the press box.
As we age, we become gentler and perhaps wiser.
However, Joel Klatt of the Buffaloes suffered a similar beating from the Oklahoma Sooners.
Time and time again, FOX’s top college football pundit has faced rough treatment from his superior rivals.

It was hard not to admire the determination the Arvada, Colo., native showed as he got up from the grass-and-blood-covered turf and tried to hold his team together.
But like the early Roman Colosseum, it seemed a sacrifice in waiting.
In the second, Oklahoma outscored the Buffaloes 42-3 from all over the field.
Klatt survived the fiasco to lead the Buffs to another Big 12 North title in 2005, defeating eventual national champion Texas and quarterback Vince Young in the Big 12 championship. In that game, the senior suffered a severe concussion and put his on his shoulder a hard helmet, forcing the record holder to sit out the Houston Bowl against Clemson.
I remember interviewing Klatt after a game where the affable man was hit and beaten.
No complaints.
Again, the answer is always “leaders do their best”. Sanders is similar.
Despite a season of grief, you will hear no words of encouragement.
The team needs high-quality defenders, but at some point, common sense has to win out. Commit to building a running game, keep Sanders upright, reduce punts and recruit better offensive linemen.
“We’re Coming” was a popular catchphrase earlier this season.
Who would have thought it would be the opposing team’s pass rush?


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