Deion Sanders’ ex-wives Pilar and Shelomi share an adorable mother-daughter moment with two adorable reactions.

Deion Sanders’ ex-wives Pilar and Shelomi share an adorable mother-daughter moment with two adorable reactions.

No one will want to remember prime Deion Sanders’ Week 7 game against the Colorado Buffaloes. It was the largest halftime loss in college football history.
The Buffaloes then lost to the Stanford Cardinal after leading 29-0.
But amidst the cold and hot atmosphere of the game, Coach Prime’s ex-wives, Pilar Sanders and Shelomy Sanders, share a warm bond.

Pilar Sanders is a staunch supporter of Coach Prime’s Buffaloes and their sons Sheder and Shiloh Sanders.
She wears Sanders gear and performs a cheerleading routine with her daughter. Her latest IG post rekindled her mother-daughter relationship with Shelomi Sanders.
In a recent Instagram post, Pilar Sanders reminisces about the fun she had with her youngest daughter, Shelomie Sanders, during a game in Colorado.
He posted a cute photo of Shelomi in her black and gold uniform under the lights at Folsom Field.
The beautiful mother-of-three wrote: “My boys @shelomisanders watching them under the lights wearing the new #Sanders oversized shirt.”

Just when everything seemed to be going according to plan, things went wrong in Colorado.
Later in the game, Sheder Sanders threw an interception.
Stanford pulled off a surprising 46-43 win over Colorado.

‘I love you’: Prime Coach’s ex-wife Phila Sanders focuses on her love for athlete son, not Shiloh or masterpiece

While many people were devastated by this loss, Phila Sanders’ posts on social media once again drew attention. Many fans expressed their love and affection for her strong bond with her daughter.
Sanders’ youngest daughter is currently a rising point guard for Colorado women’s basketball.
Fans express their love for the Pilar-Shelomi duo

Pilar Sanders’ social media post caught the attention of many fans, including Shelomi Sanders, who later praised her beautiful mother, “Ur so gorg.”

One fan said: “I absolutely love them, I don’t care how old they are, they’re still our babies.”

Another person said: “Mom is the real boss.
“I love the Sanders family,” he said.

Other supporters later commented:


“I love how you all support your babies.
That is priceless motherly love.”


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