Some things are best left unsaid to Coach Prime and others.

Some things are best left unsaid to Coach Prime and others.

Every Saturday night, Ari Wasserman and David Ubben compete in the “See You Saturday” weekend competition.
On Monday, they will review the key decisions that were quickly answered on Saturday night. This week: David highlights coaches who are open about their players’ underperformance.
Only nine Colorado scholarship players remain from last year’s team.

Both are starters on the Buffaloes’ offensive line.
Coach Deion Sanders added three more players during the transfer window this offseason, but through eight games, they have become the biggest burden on a team loaded with top players.

After Saturday’s 28-16 loss to UCLA in the Rose Bowl, a game in which Colorado went for no more than 10 yards, had a team-leading 14 yards and quarterback Sheder Sanders was sacked seven times, asked a coach reporter.
It goes a long way to keep the QB straight and healthy.
“The big picture is that we need to find new referees,” he said.
“I will draw this picture perfectly.”

The Buffaloes are last among FBS teams in passing yards as Schaeder Sanders has been sacked 42 times this season.


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