Miami Dolphins star has extreme brutal reaction to `Hard Knocks’ decision

Miami Dolphins star faces backlash over ‘Hard Knocks’ decision The Miami Dolphins have been cast in HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ season, but the decision doesn’t seem to sit well with the star quarterback.
team, Xavien Howard Miami Dolphins star Xavien Howard didn’t hide his true feelings when asked about which franchise was chosen for the upcoming documentary “Hard Knocks.
” HBO’s hit documentary series will film the Dolphins during the regular season starting with the NFL’s Week 9 game against the Kansas City Chiefs on November 5.
The news was confirmed last week that The Dolphins will be the subject of the season’s documentary.
, is expected to air later this year – the exact release date is yet to be confirmed.
The preseason saw the New York Jets overcome “Hard Knocks,” centered on the recent emergence of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
The next part of the series will focus on Mike McDaniel’s team starting this Sunday.
However, the decision to install “Hard Knocks” cameras in the locker room was not well received by some members of the Dolphins team.
Howard, Miami’s fullback, couldn’t hide his anger at the announcement.
“‘Hard Knocks’ is crap, especially during the season,” Howard said via The Palm Beach Post.
“No, I’m serious.
I’m not a fan.
Howard added: “I want to be around the cameras and stuff like that – I feel like we need to do better.
We have to beat teams with good records.
So I feel like before we got a little bit of the reputation that we have now, I felt like we had to work.
McDaniel was asked about the news that the Dolphins would be the subject of an HBO documentary series last week.
Miami’s head coach admitted he understands NFL Films and HBO’s decision to choose the Dolphins for the series, explaining the positives it could bring to the team.
“I wouldn’t call it a team decision, I avoid worrying about things we can’t control,” McDaniel said on October 23 via ESPN.
“I see some positives with this team in particular, just knowing that there are so many things that when it comes to success on the field, everyone is curious about how that happens.
“I think they’ll know exactly where it came from.
” I don’t think it’s a bad thing for people to see our hard work every day.
I know there are people on this team that care and I think it’s a platform for them to show who they are and really let the fans get to know the players and the coaches better.
“I can understand the value of the National Football League, HBO, NFL Films and I can understand the value of the Miami Dolphins.
That’s something I think this particular team is equipped to handle, single simply because of the way they go about their daily lives.

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