Colorado football’s Deion Sanders gets honest on coaching in Rose Bowl despite ugly UCLA loss

Colorado football’s Deion Sanders gets honest on coaching in Rose Bowl despite ugly UCLA loss Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders saw the bright side of the situation as they lost to the UCLA Bruins, 28-16, according to on3 Sports’ Nick Kosko.
With the game taking place in the Rose Bowl, it was huge for Sanders to be a part in a game played inside the historic venue, as he never did so as a player.
“You gotta understand, they always say the granddaddy of them all and to see the kind of games that have been played here and not to be able to play in it as in my whole entire career, but to come back and coach in it,” Sanders said.
Sanders remembers what his coaching career was like before the start in his journey with the Colorado football program.
He said to the media after the game that playing in the Rose Bowl even makes him think about coaching youth football, even before his stint with Jackson State.
“Coach Hart, Coach Mathis and Mr.
Calhoun, our operations guys, we coached (as) youth soccer coaches a few years ago.
How about we’re at the damn Rose Bowl?
And you want me to wonder how good my God is?
Are you out of your mind?
” Sanders said.
“Same thing we did when we were young when we took seven busloads of kids to the Hall of Fame.
So, we always take a picture in these types of stadiums and we just think about, wow, like this is unbelievable.
” The former great player also told the media after the game that it’s not lost on him about savoring these moments.
It helps that for him and his beliefs, that he doesn’t have to force to appreciate the positives in his life.
“I don’t have to remind myself, it comes natural,” Sanders said.
“It’s a blessing it truly is.
So that’s why it’s hard to knock me off my horse because I always think about the goodness of God and how good he’s been.
” The Colorado Buffaloes will try to bounce back next week as they face No.
16 Oregon State in the hopes of breaking a two-game losing streak after starting the season red-hot.


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