Minnesota Vikings expected to listen to trade offers as price for their players increases

Minnesota Vikings expect to listen to trade offers as their player prices rise
The Minnesota Vikings have one game left before Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline, but their rough start keeps insiders Expect the team to listen to trade offers rather than add talent..
Although Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers could change their current thinking, Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer suggests that the Vikings will continue to listen to trade offers until the deadline , but the cost to their players may increase..
“There will be no fire sale.. But there are some notable names and one name that continues to top the list is Danielle Hunter.. It would be very expensive if someone re-signed.. That means any team that trades for him will be getting a rental or giving up draft capital and a monster contract.. At some point, I could have said that maybe the third-round pick would get there.. But from the gameplay, I guess the price has increased.. For everyone else, Jordan Hicks could be a good addition as a defensive captain and linebacker.. I’d be stunned if they considered moving Kirk Cousins, and I don’t think they’d trade Harrison Smith unless that’s truly what Smith wants..
Hunter leads the NFL with nine sacks, but he’s also 29 years old and in his senior year.. contract.. The Vikings know more about the type of salary the Pro Bowl edge rusher desires than anyone, and if the front office already knows he’s demanding a price they’re not willing to pay, perhaps a trade now makes the most sense..
Yet, a trade is no guarantee.. Should the Vikings win, what kind of message would trading one of their best players send, both to the locker room and to the fanbase?? It should also be noted that Hunter signing elsewhere as a free agent would factor into the compensatory pick formula, and a player of his caliber would likely bring back a third-round pick in 2025, depending on who else the Vikings sign as free agents this offseason..
There’s also always the possibility of an in-season extension or another contract agreement just before Hunter enters free agency if both sides wish to continue their partnership after eight productive seasons in Minnesota..
Meanwhile, Jordan Hicks is 32 and is also set for free agency at the end of the season.. With Brian Asamoah waiting in the wings, along with undrafted rookie Ivan Pace proving to be a wise signing, the Vikings have a couple of options at middle linebacker.. Yet, Hicks also ranks second on the team with 61 tackles and has been a key proponent in improving the Vikings’ defense this season..

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