Cowboys Trade Rumor on Derrick Henry: ‘Lousy’ Dallas Needs RB

The NFL Oct. 31 trade deadline is coming up and Colin Cowherd thinks that the Dallas Cowboys desperately need to acquire running back Derrick Henry.



There is something “lousy” about the Dallas Cowboys that has a national media figure pushing for a trade for Pro Bowl running back Derrick Henry.


Henry has been a key aspect to the Tennessee Titans’ offense for quite some time now. However, now that the Titans are placed at the bottom of the AFC South with a 2-4 record, making some changes to their roster could be beneficial to them … and maybe to the Cowboys.



“Tennessee is open for business,” Cowherd said. “(The Titans) just traded their Pro Bowl safety (Kevin Byard to the Philadelphia Eagles). They’re going to start one of their backups. Like, Tennessee is open for business.”


The Cowboys also say they are “open for business,” per COO Stephen Jones. So is it a match? The NFL Oct. 31 trade deadline is approaching quickly, so the Cowboys don’t have much time to move in on the ball-carrier.




However, the Baltimore Ravens appear as a favorite to attract Henry. Because of a season-ending Achilles injury to their starting running back J.K. Dobbins in Week 1 of the NFL season, the Ravens are reportedly on a hunt to replace their injured star ball carrier.



Cowherd, however, is tired of witnessing the Cowboys fall to the 49ers constantly and thinks that adding Henry to the roster would be a monumental change.


“The last three times Dallas has faced San Francisco, (it has been) the same story each time,” Cowherd said on “The Herd.” “The Cowboys are 0-3, Dak (Prescott) is lousy, (the) run game disappears (and) Dallas averages 13 (points) a game.”



It’s not yet known what the Titans might want in a swap, an issue that many media figures like Cowherd ignore. Same with the fact that Henry is on the final year of a $12.6 million deal; that needs to be managed. But Cowherd pushes on regarding how Henry would specifically help.


“What could the Cowboys use against San Francisco?” he said, “because you gotta get through them to go to the Super Bowl. A dominating … pounding No. 1 running back. (Dallas) can run it through Derrick Henry.”

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